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    Heather White

    As a recovering perfectionist and reformed high achiever, I’ve redesigned my whole life around the values of freedom and love. Today, I call myself an authenticity advocate. My prayer is that we can give ourselves permission to simply be who we are. I am devoted to designing and living my life from my inner most truth and I help my clients do the same. I guide in the ways that are practical and related to my experience in business and entrepreneurship.

    My journey has taken me through a Psych Degree, followed by four years of outside sales for a corporate giant where my paycheque was determined by my sales. (Yep, 100% commission.) That experience taught me a lot about myself and it’s a skill that has directly contributed to freedom in my life and the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with.

    I am committed to the journey of inner and outer freedom. I continue to find new ways, short cuts, better views and easier terrain. If you’re seeking a leader to illuminate the path and point you in the direction of the destination you seek, let’s connect and find out if I can help.

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    For you


    Live Authentically & Love Your Life

    YOU are you-nique and so is your life. There is no “one size fits all.” That said, it’s not always easy to stand grounded in your authentic power and tell the truth from your heart. That’s what this Self-Study Program is all about.

    You will learn a simple, yet effective 6 step process for connecting and receiving guidance from the place of your inner, most truthful-self. From there you can design and customize your life to match your authenticity and go on to LOVE your life. Continue reading

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    I work as a guide, a coach, and an adviser – helping you design and live your most authentic life. Feeling unfulfilled or stuck? You want to make a quantum leap in your business, but you’re not sure of all the steps? You crave more clarity, forward movement and momentum? I can help you redesign your business and your life to achieve the things you once thought were impossible.

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    The specifics of my message have spanned from sales systems to meditation, from personal branding to customer engagement, but the core remains consistent. In order to make an impact on the world, you need to serve from your most authentic essence.

    If you’re looking for a presenter to light a fire – let’s connect and explore if there is a fit in us working together. Continue reading

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    Talk to me

    You have a dream for your life… but you’re looking for support to make it happen. Business and Entrepreneurship can be tough, I get that – having drastically switched careers, started and grown a business, I know it can be difficult.

    Difficult, yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.

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    t: 604.780.6738

    Heather White