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  • 100% responsibility means no excuses

    Posted on by Heather

    But it doesn’t mean no compassion.  It means within you, you have the ability to respond.  But in my experience, the harsh, disciplinarian voice that bullies you into action is not inspired – it’s willed.  And sure, sometimes you do have act when you’re not quite ready, but for the most part, we’re achieving when we’d be better served by sleeping.  We’re pushing through when we could be listening to the wisdom of our bodies.  We’re saying yes when no is more in-line with our truth.

    Maybe you’re tired, not lazy.

    Maybe you’re reconnecting, not disconnected.

    Maybe you’re recharging, not procrastinating.

    Maybe you’re pacing, not slow.

    Your ability to respond is not up for debate, it’s ever present. But how you respond determines if your actions are inspired. And considering this moment creates the next, my vote is for inspired action. Responsible. Harmonious. Divine.

    2 Responses to 100% responsibility means no excuses

    1. Good stuff Heather,

      I totally agree with the above. It’s our ability to respond and ACT above else. Check out my post – No Excuses – Ever. 3 Simple steps to kill the quitter inside. It echo your writing above.


    2. Beautiful and true! As always! xo

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