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  • 2012 – is it YOUR year?

    Posted on by Heather

    There’s no question that a New Year feels like a new beginning. It’s another chance to change. So what’s with that…why do we so desire to change? The simple answer is that we’re not happy and furthermore we’ve developed a deep belief that if we changed x,y,z, and had different results, well then we’d be happy. True?

    What I’ve discovered is that happiness in fact is a feeling that is not a result of outside circumstances, but instead a result of your inner vibration – a feeling generated from within you. We’ve been sold a bill of goods in thinking that if we could just lose 10 lbs, make an extra $10K, move our home, change jobs, break up with our mate, get together with a mate – you name it, if we change the outside world – we’ll feel better – we’ll be happy.

    But let’s get real – this doesn’t work. Every year you make changes, your outside world looks different – but let me ask you – are you content and happy??? Or do you still long for something, some thing ‘out there’ that is the holy grail of happiness? Do you still wish and dream and imagine a life that is in some way ‘better’, more fulfilling, more exciting?

    I bet you do.

    We live in a dynamic universe where change is constant. The world is constantly changing and within it, we are constantly changing. The key is to keep moving, to keep progressing. We are always going to want to further expand ourselves and our lives. But the little nugget of truth that you might not know is that feeling content and happy is not dependent totally on growing, and changing with the way of the world. Instead, it’s reverse. Your ability to grow and change is directly affected by the way you feel.

    When you feel small, powerless, frustrated, angry, sad – it’s like having a kink in the hose – you lack the power of the flow. When you feel expansive and powerful, it’s like working with a fire hose of energy – it’s abundant.

    The way you feel directly affects the power, or lack of power in your ‘hose’ and your hose is the life force energy you will draw on to make change in your life. If all you’ve got is a little dribble, here and there, your life changes and growth will be representative of that – small, sporadic, seemingly insignificant. However, if your access to the life force energy within you, is abundant force, flowing at an incredible pace – your life changes and growth will be BIG, bold and bountiful.

    The secret is not to change so that you will be happy, the secret is to be happy so that you will change. And change isn’t even the right word. The true idea is to attain and maintain an inner state of vibration (a feeling) that allows you to rise up to the truth of your life, to connect with your birthright – abundant living with a heart wide open.

    If you’re ready for BIG changes in 2012, you’ve got some inner work to do. And inner work is the name of my game. If you want to dig in, feel good, rise up and live your life with an open heart – let’s connect. It’s time, you’re ready.

    Drop me a note: heather@heatherwhite.ca and let’s get started TODAY!

    Happy New Year!



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