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  • 5 Ways Business is like GOLF

    Posted on by admin

    I’m down in the golf mecca of Palm Desert this week and it reminded me of this post I wrote during last years Masters Tournament.

    I’m a huge lover of the game of golf. Having my dad as a top amateur and my other half playing pro for the better half of the last decade indeed has helped the development of my passion for the game. But in the past few weeks I’ve continued to see parallels between this historic game and another very historic game, called BUSINESS.

    1. Ageless


    Regardless of whether you’re 25 or 105 the measurement of your success in business and in golf does not take age in to the mix. Simply put, you either put up the numbers or your don’t – end of story

    2. Measurable

    Again, it’s all about the numbers and you’re measured in accordance. If you’re 4 over par after the front nine, you know you’ve gotta shoot 4 under on the back to shoot par. No different than if you’ve projected 2 million in earnings and you’re at 300K after the first quarter – time to step it up.


    3. It’s a gentleman’s (or woman’s) game

    It’s not personal. There is no room for drama. The players on the course who lose it, hitting their bag and or a tree are looked at as being ‘out of control’ of their game. If they go as far as to break a club, they must complete their round without it. (Flashback to the US Open in 2009 when DJ Trahan bent his putter out of frustration and had to putt with his driver for the remainder of his round.) The same goes in business. If you come with drama, excuses,or take things personally, you’ll find out very quickly – there is no seat for you at the boardroom table.


    4. Focus on your own game – anything can happen to your competition.

    It’s important to be aware, sometimes intimately aware of your competition. And even though Golf and Business are known for their strategic element, let’s face it, anything can happen. We’ve seen it on the course a lot. Quickly to mind comes the 2009 PGA Championship when Padraig Harrington made an 8 on the par 3 eighth hole, completely shooting himself out of the tournament. Business can be the same. Know what your competition is up to, but, more importantly, know what you’re plan is – because anything can happen to them.


    5. Drive for show, putt for dough

    It’s definitely impressive if you can bomb a drive straight down the middle of the fairway 300 yards. Equally so, if you can land a face to face meeting with your top prospect – this is indeed impressive. But, the real value is in your ability to close. When you’re on the green in golf, under the pressure, standing over an 8 ft. downhill slider, can you keep your head still, hands steady and put the ball in the hole? Same goes for the important meeting with your prospect. Can you get them to sign on the bottom line? Your ability to finish is where you show your true value.


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