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  • A Formula for Forward Movement

    Posted on by admin

    A Formula for Forward Movement - Heather WhiteLife can be paralyzingly complicated.

    And yet, it’s not life that’s complicated.

    It’s us.

    And it’s not REALLY us, it’s our minds.

    Should I do this? Should I go there? Should I call them? Should I want this? Do I want that? What do I want? What do they have? Does that look good to me? Do I want what they have? What about…. Remember when… I wonder if…. I wish…

    It can be exhausting. It can be frustrating. But I think the worst part is the stuckness. (Hey look, I made up a word.)

    When we’re stuck we have the regular thoughts (see above and insert your own) and then we have the thoughts about our inaction…

    Why didn’t I? What’s wrong with me? When will I learn? Why can’t I be more like…? Why can’t I get anything done? Why am I still here? What’s wrong with me? What am I missing?

    When I get into stuckness here’s what I do:

    Pick something + Commit + Act

    Actions are powerful. They quiet the constant stream of thought for a moment. And when we act, things change. Things happen. And then, you can go from there.

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein


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    1. Love it! Action is everything!

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