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  • A Formula for Freedom

    Posted on by Heather

    Never hide. Hiding (from anything) is the surest way to create a life long prison.

    Tell the truth. It’s HARD despite what you may have heard, BUT there is so much liberation in this 5 letter word.

    Customize your life. Every part of it. Design it just for you.

    Say NO. Everyday. No = yes, to something else.

    Pay cash.

    Let go.

    5 Responses to A Formula for Freedom

    1. Heather, what do you mean by “pay cash”? It is an expression or a concept that mean something?

      P.S. I love NO’s. Sometimes it is exciting. Sometimes it is freeing. Sometimes it is brave. And it always feels great!

    2. Hey Ekaterina – what I mean by ‘pay cash’ is the opposite of using credit cards, loans and lines of credit. Obviously, this is within context – but when we’re talking about freedom, the easiest way to shackle yourself is with a bunch of debt. Avoiding that = freedom. Make sense?

    3. Yes, it makes sense!

      Funny. I didn’t connect these two things in my mind. I am a bit naive when it comes to debt – still get surprised hearing that it is considered “normal” to have debt in North America.

      I was born in Soviet Union, my grandparents had land and self-made houses, my parents received free apartment from their employer, I didn’t pay a penny for my University degree (funded by government).

    4. Interesting. Cultural differences are intriguing. Yes, debt is a bit struggle for many in North America.

    5. Totally agree with the “pay cash” point! However, my problem with “pay cash” is that you don’t get airplane points, if you don’t use VISA … hehe

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