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  • A routine of creation – day 1

    Posted on by Heather

    First thing I did after I wrote that blog last night was immediately begin to re-read Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write (LOVE that book). As I read the first four chapters in what felt like a millisecond, I immediately wanted to slap myself. Why? Well, just because I felt a little ‘douche-ish’ having just written a post declaring that I was going to attempt to implement a routine of creation and write profound things. It just felt a bit ‘egotistical’. Especially when the early chapters of TRTW, Cameron is emphasizing the notion that writing is far more important than what is actually written. It’s the process of actually writing that one should be ultimately in love with, not the result. Hmm…good point! And good timing, since I hadn’t yet actually written anything.

    In addition, this new way felt WAY more free and exciting than earlier in the evening when I almost managed to turn ‘writing’ in to some kind of chore, or thing I had to whip myself in to doing. I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

    Also (Social Media Update), as the result of last night’s post (and of course I Tweeted about it), Steffani Cameron (interesting parallel) sent a great link with information on another writing tool that she used when first practicing the craft and technique of writing. Can’t wait to pick this up!

    So, as a result of all that, here’s what I’ve decided.

    I’m going to simply investigate my love of writing. I’m not going to decided whether I really do love it or not, until after I gather a bit more data. My head says I love it. Let’s find out if that’s true for my heart.

    Step 1 – just write. Don’t worry about what it says, don’t try to be smart, or profound or important, just put words on a page. As Julia Cameron suggests, “just show up on the page and listen”, then simply write down whatever you hear. Ok, got it!

    Here’s what day one looked like. Julia Cameron calls this ‘Morning Pages’ meant to prime the pump. Let’s see if the water’s flowing?

    One Response to A routine of creation – day 1

    1. Good stuff, Heather! Keep writing.


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