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  • Adventures in Costa Rica: Things we’ve learned so far….

    Posted on by Heather
    • The statistics are true: traffic is the most dangerous factor when going anywhere
    • Water is more expensive than beer
    • There is no scarcity of water in the entire country, except for in La Carpio
    • The biggest lie told to Gringos is that everyone speaks English, and your lack of Spanish will not be a problem or embarrassment
    • “Límons” taste like North American limes and look like a mix between a North American lime on the outside and an orange on the inside; “Lemons” do not exist
    • Our obsession with refrigerating milk is unnecessary
    • “On time” is one hour after the time specified; patience is an incredibly important asset
    • Mayonnaise is as important a topping as ranch or ketchup for all foods, including salads
    • They still comment on the state of the weather even though every single day is sunny with a high of 30 degrees
    • The most common thing to find in any corner store or grocery store is packages of cookies
    • Honking is an obsessive habit
    • There is probably a higher percentage of dogs in the country than there is people
    • Eating is a pastime; working out is not
    • Rice and beans are evident in every meal—carbo-loading!
    • There are bars surrounding 98% of all the houses
    • Canada is a very ambiguously understood place—some think it’s a state in the USA, others think it is part of New Zealand…our country is very illusive
    • We know very little…

    -Sarah Kingstone

    In the 2nd semester of her 3rd year at UBC, Sarah Kingstone is traveling to Costa Rica in honour of her humanitarian heart. She has given me permission to post her blog entries as she embarks on what will undoubtedly a life changing experience. Come along for the ride!

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