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  • Are YOU on your priority list?

    Posted on by Heather

    Too often we let everything and everyone take priority over ourselves.  I’ve seen countless colleagues wolf a sandwich or slice of pizza down because their next client is on the way and they haven’t had lunch yet.  I’ve heard too many family members and friends complain about their health, their body, their time off, or lack there of all because they forgot to put themselves first.  I’m the first to admit; I know how hard this can be – to truly say NO to everything and everyone and YES to yourself. The funny thing is that by doing so, you end up in a position of reserve and therefore are able to be of great assistance and value to everyone and everything in your life.  Here’s some tips on making this new habit easy to adopt:

    1. Make up a fake company name that is designated for your personal time & book It Danno.  (When I was a little kid my mum was a single parent and a full time commercial real-estate agent – she used to schedule ABC Corp into her diary which was time for her to spend with us kids.  Her clients were none the wiser, when she opened up here calendar – to them – she was simply ‘pre-booked’.)

    2. Get accountable.  (It’s imperative that you make sure, especially if this is new to you, that you have an accountability partner to hold you to the changes you plan to make.  If you can afford it, hire yourself a coach, even for a short-term period to ensure that what you want to accomplish, you do accomplish.)

    3. Get clear.  (What do you really want to do that will honour you as a person?  Is it a massage once a month, a new gym routine, a vacation, an assistant?  What is it that you really want and need?)

    By taking 100% responsibility for YOU, you’ll be of greater service to the world.

    Remember: to get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.

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