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  • Asking for what you want – Dreams really do come true!

    Posted on by Heather

    Over the past year one of my aspirations/desires that has gotten louder and louder between my two ears and within my heart is to write.  I love writing – it fuels my soul, brings me tremendous joy, uses my overactive mind in a positive way and reaches out to other humans in a non-invasive way.  Of course, quickly following the chatter of my “visionary” mind is the silencing voice of the “critic”.  (I’m not a formally trained writer, I don’t have a degree in journalism, I write like I talk and no one reads that kind of stuff…bla,bla,bla).  

    The great thing about my work life is that I help others tap in to their desires and empower them to take action in the direction of their dreams.  Therefore, I would be out of a job if I didn’t follow through and take action towards my own dreams.  Hence, the writing. 

    A couple of months ago (I love how the universe works) I was at a networking event and ran into an old high-school friend.  We got to chatting and low and behold her other half just happens to be the GM for a local publication.  (yes!!)  I quickly asked for an intro, and followed up relentlessly with her until she passed me along to the editor who assigns the magazine’s free-lance writing assignments.  A couple more months of follow up ensued until at last she caved.  That was in August, and today Wednesday October 1, 2008, I am now officially a published author.  I’ve provided a link to the article below.

    My point to all of this is – we never know HOW our dreams, our desires, our aspirations, our goals are going to come to fruition in the 3rd dimension.  There is an element of faith that has to prevail – your visionary has to be heard, and you have to take action (which often involves risk) in order for anything to happen. All that said – it is possible.  You can have what you want.  

    Today write out 5 things that have been nagging at your visionary strings – desires you have, things you want to accomplish, people you’d like to meet – whatever it may be.  From there all I ask of you is that you have faith that it’s possible, and that when the universe presents you with an opportunity –  you act!

    I wish you happiness and success as you ask for what you want in life and watch it unfold before your eyes.

    Click here to read the article in Shared Vision’s October edition.

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