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  • Authentically Passionate: A Lesson from a Night with a DJ

    Posted on by Heather

    There is nothing that is more attractive to me than passion. Someone who is enthusiastic, authentic and in total LOVE with what they are doing.  – (I made that up, so you can quote me.)

    The other night I was at a networking event and though the organizers (god love them, as it was a great event) claimed to be doing something ‘different’, it was pretty much biz as uge. Arrive, have a cocktail and some snacks, mingle mingle, network network and then there’s a speaker (in this case there were 2) followed by Q&A, door prizes and then disperse.

    And although I have no complaints, and certainly nothing negative to say about the event, it just didn’t stand out to me. Except for one thing – the DJ, Joe. Joe was awesome. Any time he was able to ‘do his thing’ (during the mingling portion of the evening) he would be completely in to what he was doing. He had a kinda half smile the whole time, the kind you’d see on a 3 year olds face the first time they experience play dough. All excited and happy, while concentrated, and engaged at the same time. Part way through the night I went to introduce myself to him and tell him just how inspired I had been watching him all night and it was clear that he was enjoying every moment of what he was doing. We got to talking and he told me that this was his last night at this venue. When I asked him if that was cool with him or if he was disappointed – he quickly jumped in to say he was thrilled. He believed it was just a sign that something even better for him was around the corner and he was excited to find out what was in store. In the meantime, he already has a few regular gigs, never one to put all his eggs in one basket. All I could think was, how cool is it, that out of a sea of 100 people, I had managed to seek out another passionate, abundantly minded, enthusiastic, and authentic being AND he was the DJ, he wasn’t even attending the event.

    Furthermore I started thinking – I’m lucky (by choice) – I spend most of my time with my family, my business partners, my team, my clients or my close friends – all of whom pretty much think the same way I do. Anything is possible. I can make it happen. I’m willing to take 100% responsibility for myself, my life and my choices. I am willing to do the work in getting to know myself and what I want. Furthermore I will ask for what I want in my life.  I don’t give my time or energy to drama. I concentrate on how I can. – I could go on and on but I think you get the pic.

    And so often times for me, it’s more rare and usually only in bigger social scenes, like networking events that I run in to, well let’s just say, people that think a bit differently than what I’ve described above. To grossly generalize they like to talk about – the economic climate, how tough it is, how busy they are, how hard they are ‘trying’, how much work they’re putting in, etc. and all I can think is – you should stop doing what you’re doing and try something else – maybe DJing? You should keep trying new things, while you simultaneously get to know your authentic self, eventually arriving at a place where you know who you are, you know what you want, you go out there and take responsibility for your life, your results, and you make it happen. You don’t blame, you don’t complain, you don’t say things just out of habit. You think, you feel, you engage and you LIVE your life. Doing this = authentically passionate (I made this up too, so I hope I’m making sense.)

    And that’s how I felt when I saw DJ Joe – I felt like he was 100% his authentic self, loving every moment of what he was doing and after talking with him I learned his attitude simply was – “if I keep doing what I love, I will continue to find arenas that allow me to do what I love”.

    In closing, I leave you to ponder a thought that I often do:

    I wonder if everyone knew that the key to life running like a smooth river current, always in ‘the flow’, was as simple as 2 words: authentically passionate – would I ever have to have another conversation about the ‘recession’?

    Keep having fun!


    2 Responses to Authentically Passionate: A Lesson from a Night with a DJ

    1. Hi,
      Thanks so much for the kind words, and it was truly a pleasure to have met you.

      Life is certainly short, and time can be wasted being stuck in a void and not doin what makes you happy.

      I found it hard in the beggining to follow my Dream of being a working Dj though with some hard work, solid networking and patience it became possible.

      One of my tricks to success is to always be good to people and follow up everything. We are bombarded as a society nowadys with so much media and the one who sands out always gets the cheddar.. lol

      Thanks again

      Joe Barrs

    2. Peter Allgood says:

      Joe’s a good man, and a fellow dj. Always interesting to here a listeners perspective. like attracts like. sounds like you value authenticity. I think everyone has the capacity to be that .. although it maybe the road less traveled.
      I don’t hear many people use that term in reference to people, and relating to them.
      In Landmark Education it’s used to describe how one is being…

      Refreshing to hear your perspective


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