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    What To Do When Suffering Shows Up?

    When those little pangs of suffering show up in our life, there’s always a reason. Value violations. Misunderstandings. Assumptions. Expectations. All causes for the inner turmoil to begin. But, here’s the 4 questions I know will steer me back to what I want most in life, which of course is, to feel good.
    Am I going […]

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    Goal Achievement = Goal Bereavement

    My husband and I argue over who first blurted this statement out, but regardless, (OK, he can have it), the concept came out of a very real conversation we were having. I had just reached another major milestone in my business, it was something that I had once thought was impossible. I had been working […]

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    Slinging Beers To Pay The Bills

    I can trace it back to the exact day. I had just come back from a local pub, where I had dropped off my resume. This was one of my lowest days, and yet it was also one of the most liberating days. I was broke. (I can admit that now.) I was desperate. I […]

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    A Formula for Forward Movement

    Life can be paralyzingly complicated.
    And yet, it’s not life that’s complicated.
    It’s us.
    And it’s not REALLY us, it’s our minds.
    Should I do this? Should I go there? Should I call them? Should I want this? Do I want that? What do I want? What do they have? Does that look good to me? Do I want […]

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    Feel Fresh When Fall Arrives

    For sun-worshipers, like myself, the summer we’ve had on the west coast has been spectacular. In fact, not a drop of rain fell on Vancouver in all of July! But sunny summer days can make for a bit of a rude awakening when the cooler breeze of autumn hits and the realities of that ‘back […]

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    5 Ways Business is like GOLF

    I’m down in the golf mecca of Palm Desert this week and it reminded me of this post I wrote during last years Masters Tournament.
    I’m a huge lover of the game of golf. Having my dad as a top amateur and my other half playing pro for the better half of the last decade indeed […]

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    The Magic is in your Message

    It never ceases to amaze me, how many people, regardless of what kind of professional capacity they have, who introduce themselves via their title. This can be a costly mistake especially considering the market and the amount of choice that consumers have every day. If your message isn’t quick, clear and MOST importantly, emotionally engaging, […]

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