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  • Be One in a Million, not, One of a Million

    Posted on by Heather

    Over the weekend I stumbled across the newspaper in which they were advertising for the upcoming auditions for So You Think You Can Dance – the Canadian version.  The second I saw the article I picked up the phone to contact one of my long time family friends who is by far one of the best dancers I’ve ever known.  Because she has been in and out of town quite a bit lately my first question was “are you in town?”. When the answer was “yes” my next question was “are you going to audition?”.  note: I didn’t even have to clarify what “audition” I was speaking of because she had already spent probably countless hours contemplating the question before I ever called.  

    However, I could tell immediately that her mind was already winning the battle, giving her all the reasons why she shouldn’t or couldn’t go forward with the audition.  She had two (fairly pathetic) road blocks that were standing in her way at that moment.  Firstly, she had 48 hours to come up with a 30 second dance routine and secondly, she was scheduled to work on the day of the audition.  She promised to think about it and insisted she would call me first thing the next morning to tell me her decision.

    When I didn’t hear from her and she didn’t pick up the phone when I called the following day I knew what had happened.  As frustrated as I was, for her, I understood.  Regardless of the fact that this is one of those opportunities that rarely presents itself, regardless of how perfect of a fit she would have been, regardless of how seemingly simple it would have been for her to go through with it, the fact is she didn’t do anything about it.  

    What really separates those who are one in a million from those who are one of a million is the action that they are willing to take.  You cannot get what you’ve never had if you are not willing to do what you’ve never done.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that feeling of fear, the hesitation, the flood of reasons why you shouldn’t, why you can’t, but, at the end of it all it’s whether you do or you don’t that makes all the difference.  Putting yourself out there isn’t easy to do, but, if you don’t, who’s really missing out?  Do you think the opinions of all your friends, and so-called-friends, acquaintances and people who you don’t even know are more important than reaching out for your dreams, your goals?

    What opportunities are you letting pass you by right now because you are unwilling to do what needs to be done?  Fear can hold you back, but, only if you let it.  Break down your fear and expose it for what it really is; what are you really afraid of?

    Are you letting fear hold you back?  Stop right now!




    0 Responses to Be One in a Million, not, One of a Million

    1. Hey Heath

      This is really nice. You are such a good friend and an amazing person. I’m really enjoying your blogs, they help me get through the day and week!

      Take Care


    2. Heather,

      Great post. When recently in Barbados I was chatting with a cabbie. We were talking about a concert for Rihanna. I said to him, “She sure is unique isn’t she.” He replied, “A lot of Bajans have enormous talent, but they don’t seize the opportunities that they could. Like in any country, those that want it the most get it.” I wonder how many people would be on the top of the charts right now if only they went for it.

    3. Hey Heather!

      This reminds me of a point in Randy Pausch’s “last lecture” – where he says the brick walls aren’t there to stop us, they’re there to show us how much we really want something.

      As Chris pointed out – it’s not necessarily capability that’s lacking when someone doesn’t accomplish something. It’s the ability to persist in spite of fears or obstacles that determines success.

      Ancient Chinese proverb – fall down seven times, stand up eight.

      Thanks for your inspiring words! You’re wonderful!

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