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  • Being of Service isn’t always cupcakes and lollipops.

    Posted on by Heather

    It’s not really a secret that I LOVE Oprah Winfrey and although I’ve adhered to some house rules over at my place so as not to overload my other half with Lady Oisms I admit I indulge every chance I get.

    One thing I admire about Oprah, outside of so many other things, is her desire and willingness to be of service. If you ever hear Oprah talk about her journey, you’ll hear her allude to this ideal. And I have to admit even I made the false assumption that this ‘service’ oriented attitude is what opened her to living what I perceived to be a fairytale life. (I know, I know, life is challenging for all of us, no matter what our circumstances, but, I think you’ll catch my drift.)

    So in watching a recent episode of “Season 25: Behind the Scenes” I had my own aha moment. It was a reunion show they were doing with the entire cast of The Colour Purple and Oprah & Whoopi Goldberg would be discussing their tabloid fight/feud that in reality didn’t exist.

    In actuality, as they discussed, Whoopi & Oprah had both made false assumptions that one had done something to upset the other & instead of calling each other up to clear the air – they had let this supposed fight go on for years without addressing it. It wasn’t until a party they were both in attendance of, that Whoopi approached Oprah to ask ‘if there was something she had done to upset her?’.

    Now, if you’ve read The 4 Agreements, you are already aware that we shouldn’t make assumptions, but, in this case, that’s exactly what had happened. 2 women heard some rumours, made a couple of false assumptions and spent years wondering and contemplating what each one had done to the other to cause this falling out. Interesting eh?

    And this is what I mean about ‘being of service isn’t always cupcakes and lollipops’. Here’s Oprah, having endured discomfort over many years in wondering what she had done to upset Whoopi, using her life to be of service to all of us. In watching that show, I (and I’m sure many others) were confronted with the question – am I making assumptions about someone in my life? Have I cut ties with someone for years, assuming things that may or may not be true? Is there anyone I need to clear the air with in order to let go and move on with my life?

    Although it didn’t appear as though this illusory tiff between these two gals was eating away at Oprah (or Whoopi for that matter) to the point of extreme detriment, one couldn’t help but notice that it had clearly taken up mental space from time to time.

    Being of service and allowing your life to represent lessons learned for the benefit and benevolent outcome of all of us is divine. Thank you to Oprah for had she never endured this human experience and shared the details with all of us – we might still be assuming wrongly and holding ourselves back unnecessarily.

    Thanks again Lady O – your life of service has benefited me in SO many ways!!

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