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  • Betcha You Can

    Posted on by Heather

    I was in the gym this morning doing a leg workout I learned via Personal Trainer extraordinaire Hannah Fletcher. There’s no doubt it’s a killer – and YES you’re sore for a few days after, but the results are indeed worth it. I only do it when I’m feeling on top of my game, super powerful in mind, body and spirit and craving the feeling any major accomplishment provides.

    If you’d showed me this workout a couple of years ago I would have laughed out loud at the thought of actually doing it. But as I know you can relate, sometimes all it takes for you to believe in yourself and your abilities is someone else who believes you can. That person, as it pertains to fitness, was Hannah. She BELIEVED that I could do it, coached me on how to do it, eased me in to it and eventually sure enough – I COULD DO IT.

    This morning a gal came up to me (we were alternating sets on the leg press) and said to me “I couldn’t even move the weight you had – you should be so proud of yourself!” At that particular moment I was trying to keep from throwing up in my mouth, so I managed a smile, but later when we were stretching I said to her… “I bet you could lift that”. I went on to share my personal experience in working with Hannah to get to where I am now with my fitness.  She said “I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit.”  “Oh don’t worry, I’m giving myself credit, but I still bet you could lift it” I said. We both smiled in agreement of the underlying message.

    When I travelled to Dallas a few years ago to the eWomenNetwork annual conference, CEO and Founder Sandra Yancey reminded the entire audience to “lift as you climb”. That lesson has stuck with me and any time I can believe in someone else, coach them on ‘how to’ do something I’ve been fortunate to learn, ease them in to it, and watch them succeed – I jump at the opportunity.

    Even if you don’t believe you can, find someone who does, someone who can show you how, ease you in and celebrate success with you.  I betcha you can!

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