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  • Blessing In Disguise?

    Posted on by Heather

    It finally happened…..3 years in to my MacBook and over the weekend the battery (or at least what I thought was the battery) died. Couldn’t get the thing to turn on. At first, I was simply grateful that I had indeed stuck to my plan of finishing off all my loose ends on Friday before starting the long weekend. But, after I made a trip to the apple store, came home with a brand new battery, popped it in, and then it still wouldn’t work – this was when the subtle panic and body sweats began. OMG! What’s wrong with my computer?!?!?

    So, what’s a girl to do? Simple answer – genius appointment booked at the Apple store the following day….

    So there I was standing outside the store waiting for it to open (I got the first appt. of the day) and I started to notice my fears that were bubbling up subtly. And at the bottom of all the little “I wonder what’s wrong” thoughts, I noticed I was simply afraid that I was going to have to shell out a bunch of cash that I hadn’t anticipated on spending. That was the bottom line.

    But this presented an even bigger dilemma. Having been a student of various coaching and training programs, and have read hundreds of books on personal development, the law of attraction etc. I knew I couldn’t focus and dwell on that which I did not want!!!

    So instead I thought about how much I loved my MacBook, how amazing a partner it has been in the development of my business, how it has facilitated my life for the past 3 years, with banking, blogging, facebook and twitter and how it had allowed me to connect with and meet so many amazing people. I sent it love and light as if it was a friend with the flu. Consoled it by assuring it, we were at the doctors to get it checked out and make it all better! Crazy you think? Here’s what happened next…..

    The gentleman in the Apple store whom my genius appointment was with was awesome! He checked over everything and yes, it was simply the battery. The new one that I had bought the day before needed to be ‘set up’ which I had done incorrectly (shocker) and he did a couple of other things that made it work beautifully again! And then he said…”did you know we can replace that?” (“That” was my dash that had been cracking over the past couple of years where the magnets attach). “No, I didn’t, how much is that?” I innocently asked. “FREE” he said. FREE??!?!?!??!? Is anything free anymore?

    So of course I said “YES”, please fix that for me for free! Then he checked with the back and they could do it right away, which they did and 30 minutes later I was back in the store to pick it up. And I had apparently misunderstood what they were going to do because they replaced the entire keyboard including a new track pad and click bar (like my technical terms for computer parts?). The entire thing looked brand new – all the dirty keys, evidence of 3 years of use, were gone, replaced by white, clean, glistening keys.

    The joke around our house for the rest of the weekend was “remember when you went in to the Apple store to get a new battery and came out with a new computer?”

    The whole experience just reminded me about ‘blessings in disguise’, because part of me was genuinely upset about the copmuter dying. Not that I was mad that I had to get a new battery, but, more so, the not really knowing what was wrong, and if it could be fixed and how much it would cost etc. But instead, as a result of having the battery die, I ended up with this new facelift for my beloved bessie mate (my MacBook) who is now all nice and clean and has a brand new battery! Yay! And now I can honestly say “thank you” to that old battery for dying because I got all this because of it.

    Let this be a lesson to all (including myself). Sometimes things look a certain way – and may appear to be negative in their circumstance, when beneath the surface lies a blessing in disguise.

    Anyone had a similar experience?? Share your story….

    All the best,


    2 Responses to Blessing In Disguise?

    1. I had a fantastic macbook pro for over 4 years. The little aluminum buddy of mine even got sat on, bent and still worked after a little unbending over my kneecap. I did have the hard disk replaced but it was the passage of time rather than malfunction that inspired me to get a new one. Apple sure does a great job with its product’s quality. After 10+ years of being a build-from-scratch PC user, my house has been appled. iphone, ipod, apple router and apple computers – they all work flawlessly together in a way my PC never could.

      When you said that what you feared most was the outlay of cash, there are two things you could do in the future to prevent that. One is to get the apple warranty thing which, from my experience was great, or just set aside some extra funds over a period of 2-3 years (the expected useful life of a computer these days) so that once it does die you aren’t scrambling for cash.

    2. Alan – super advise!! Yes, a little nest egg of cash set aside for uncertain expenses certainly removes the fear and anxiety of unknown expenses. In other words time to take responsibility (my ability to respond) and start another savings account! Thanks for your awesome comment!! Go Apple!! (No offence PC:)

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