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  • Breathe Deeply

    Posted on by Heather

    It’s no coincidence that we enter this life with our first breath and leave it with our last.  However, if you’re anything like me, breathing has often taken a subconscious back seat in the day to day busyness of life.  Lately though, I’ve become much more conscious of breathing and it’s ability to ground me in my physical body and allow me to focus and regroup.  Too often I find myself stuck in my head, carrying on conversations that often have an element of ego and subsequently contain some kind of negative chatter.  Breathing is an easy and effective way to get out of your head and back into your body.

    Athletics, Public Speaking, Performing, Meditation and most of the holistic and spiritual healing methods all emphasize the effect of our breathing – coincidence? – I think not.

    I remember as a kid any time I got hurt my Mum would say “take a deep breath” – amazingly, usually within about 3 big breaths I was calmed right down and the hysteria of whatever fall I’d just had disappeared.

    Over the next week my challenge to you is: first, start to notice when you feel anxious, worried, in doubt, in fear, or have any seemingly negative thoughts or emotions. Then stop, and take 3 big breaths.  Notice how you feel at that point – if you need to take a few more – do so.  I know it sounds simple, but, in my experience the simple techniques are usually the most effective. I’m curiously excited to hear your feedback.

    Write in with your comments!

    Have a great week!!!


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    1. Hey Heath

      I tried this and thanks for the tip. I too forget to breath sometimes. It helped me get through another crazy day at work. The simplest things always work!

      All the best


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