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  • Bumper bars help dreams come true

    Posted on by Heather

    I recently gave a speech to a couple of hundred people and at the end there was time for Q&A. One of the audience members asked me:

    Do you think everyone needs a Life Coach?

    My answer:


    And ever since that moment, I’ve not been able to shake a little niggly that I felt when I said that. Because my answer, though true, was slightly muted. In my heart I believe 200% in what I do as a Coach. I think having a gutsy guide to hold you accountable to doing what you need to do so that you can push yourself beyond the limitations of your mind and live a life that honours your soul is a wise choice. But what threw me off was need. No, you don’t need a Life Coach, you don’t need anything. Need implies you don’t have something and that’s not true. Everything is within you.

    As a Coach my job is to recognize the potential within you that is hungry for expression, map out a  path that will allow you to realize it, AND be your bumper bars.

    Have you ever gone bowling? With the bumper bars up? If not, let me explain. Bumper bars are put up to protect your ball from slipping into the gutter on it’s way down the alley enroute to the bowling pins. They are a built in guarantee that your ball will make it to the target. I see my role as a Coach in the same way.

    First your desire (the target) is articulated (and I’m big on asking for what you REALLY want, just ask my clients).

    Then the route to your target is mapped out.

    Then ACTION (sorry, nothing happens until you move).

    And as you move forward, inevitably things are going to show up that will pull you off course. Because YOU have to change who you are internally as you move towards the manifestation of your external goals. So to ensure you don’t veer off track and slip completely off the route, there I am, the bumper bars that you’ll rub up against.

    So I stand by what I said, no you don’t need a Life Coach. But..

    If you want to explore the potential within you…

    If you want to write a book in 2 weeks (yes, my client did that!)…

    If you want to quit the job that you hate to start the business that you love (too many to count)…

    If you want to sell more (without the sleeze)…

    If you want to double, triple, quadruple your revenue…

    If you want to lose 40 extra pounds….

    If you want to gain insight to your soul…

    If you want to become a better leader…

    If you want to feel more joy, more deeply connected to your soul without moving to an Ashram in India…

    If you want to get unstuck…

    If you want to be more clear…

    If you want to remember why you’re really here…

    Then give yourself a gift and explore having someone see the light within you.


    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. (Some discrepancy over the origin of the quote, but Truth nonetheless)

    I’m currently accepting new clients. Book a complimentary session today.

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