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  • Burst Your Bubble

    Posted on by Heather

    I was chatting with one of my colleagues this morning and because we both live and work in the field of personal development it is always the basis of our conversation. Today we were talking about how challenging the last step is prior to a major breakthrough in life. Even for us, with a plethora of combined knowledge and access to information the last step is still tough.

    I often think of it as a living inside of a bubble. The bubble we presently occupy consists of all our current belief systems, perceptions, basically the “system” we operate ourselves with. As we grow as people and expand our level of awareness, through education, we begin to fill more and more space within our bubble. Eventually, if we continue to seek out information, we start to rub up against the boundary of the bubble that we are living in. The friction and tension that is a result of pushing up against the barrier signifies the “last step”. If you push through you end up bursting your bubble only to find yourself inside a new world, a bigger, brighter bubble. However, the pitfall is that the tension overwhelms us and we shrink back to a place of comfort.

    So, how do we avoid this?

    Step one is always awareness. Ok, so I’ve covered that, now you know what’s coming. The feelings of overwhelmingness start to creep in and your mind starts telling you that it would be easier if you went back to doing what you know.

    Step two is to counteract! Even though your self-talk may start to stray from the objective you MUST take control. Remind yourself of all the good that you desire and all that you deserve to accomplish. If you don’t already use them, introduce affirmations. Tell yourself that you are worthy of what you are working towards and that you will persevere! Furthermore, create a vision or an image board. It’s easy to forget why we are doing all this hard work if the goals and objectives are not visible. When we lose sight of the image in the minds eye is when it is most important to have something ready in the physical world.

    Step three is simply to have faith and believe. If you have the desire to do something, be something or have something, you already have within you the capability and potential to see it through to fruition. You’ve planted the seeds of growth, you’ve developed and cultivated them, the key now is to believe that they are growing. We don’t “see” grass until it bursts through the surface of the Earth, but that grass has been working hard beneath the ground to make it to that glorious day. The same is true here. Just because we can’t “see” the objective today doesn’t mean it won’t arrive tomorrow. Believe and succeed!

    Burst your bubble – it’s worth it!

    Remember: to get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.

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    1. Great analogy. Love it.

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