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  • Change your rules & change your life.

    Posted on by Heather

    A few years ago I gave a speech at the YWIB conference here in Vancouver. I remember vividly stressing the day before because I was scrambling to put the presentation together. My topic ideas were way to intense, but around 4:30 that afternoon my business partner came up with: Change Your Rules, Change Your Life. With that title, I easily wrote the content and was pumped to deliver the next day.

    When I arrived at the Four Seasons, the day of, I was blown away at the organization and customer service for this conference. (This was being put on by University Undergrad Students. When I was an Undergrad I can assure you that I was not organizing professional development conferences.)

    I wandered through the registration area and came across a table where all the various speaker’s names were written and placed in front of silver bowls. Inside the bowls were the the tickets indicating which delegates wanted to go to which breakout sessions with which speaker. I quickly found the bowl with my name on it and with an attempt at a non-chalant glance I saw to my horror that there were only a few tickets in my bowl.


    Immediately I started some positive self talk as I went to hide in the bathroom before my presentation…

    Regardless of how many people show up. The group is going to be dynamite and on point with the message.

    Maybe we’ll just do a round table open dialogue. Yeah, that would work…

    I’m here to be of service. Whoever is meant to show up will be there.

    As my start time quickly approached I knew I had to head to the room. I had already met with the tech team earlier to set up my powerpoint and mic. Deep breath. It’s ok that only a couple of girls want to hear me speak.

    Imagine my surprise as I pulled open the heavy wooden door to the room I was presenting in to see about 75 women – a full house – sitting in the chairs. Ok, deep breath again, different kind of deep breath.

    The speech went well. It was a breakthrough day for me as a speaker.

    Fast forward to this summer and I received the note below:

    Hello my dear. Hope you are doing so so well and enjoying summertime!

    I recently presented at an event here in Malaysia and just had to let you know that you and your talk at beyond pink a few years ago were part of the inspiration for it
    Lots of love! xo

    Welled up, I thought about that day.

    It was the day I learned 2 key life lessons…

    Don’t make assumptions.

    I found out later that the conference organizers had put only the number of tickets that there were seats in the room in each silver bowl. The few tickets that I had seen in my bowl actually meant my presentation was nearly sold out – not the other way around.

    There’s always a ripple effect. (Whether you know about it or not.)

    As you go about the days of your life, just know that everything you do matters and even more importantly, how you do what you do, matters the most. You might not always get to find out that you’ve inspired someone, but trust me you have.

    Here’s Krystal doing her thing. A lecture on breaking rules and living your dreams.

    4 Responses to Change your rules & change your life.

    1. Beautiful! xo

    2. As always Heather … so inspiring! Thanks for that!

    3. Thanks ladies. xo

    4. Just saw this post, not sure how it slipped out of my radar but my heart is beaming right now. Thanks for sharing this and as always, for your inspiration. I’m so grateful we met that day ūüôā

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