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  • Chose Happiness

    Posted on by Heather

    One of the best lessons I’ve ever learned, and it took me a LONG time to get it, is that happiness is a choice and it is an available option for us at any given moment. I recently read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” in which there are a million gems (lessons), but, the one that is the most important thus far is the necessity to live in the NOW. In any given moment in your life, if you are able to be totally present, is happiness. Happiness is always with you, waiting patiently for you to notice it. Even in the darkest of places there is a glimmer of light that if noticed and pursued will grow and expand. Eventually it will be the darkness that resembles the glimmer and the light in which you will live.

    Our life is incredibly influenced by our habitual tendencies. All of our habits combined become the operating system (the paradigm) in which we live our life. The more often we do things, think things, say things, the more engrained they become within the day in and day out routine of our lives. Choosing to see the happiness in every moment might be outside of your paradigm at first. When something unpleasant occurs you struggle and cannot find the good in the situation – this is just your habitual way of “seeing” things. Look harder, it’s there.

    When you are able to see the good in every situation, when you learn to understand that without challenges in life you would not grow – your life becomes so enjoyable and meaningful. There will always be set-backs, challenges, lessons in life that you will not be able to avoid. Don’t fear those situations, embrace them; they are there to help you, they will enable you to grow as a person.

    Decide to look for the happiness in every situation; refuse to stop looking until you find something to feel good about. –

    Chose Happiness!

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