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  • Closure is not a bad thing!

    Posted on by Heather

    I’ve recently noticed a trend amongst clients, colleagues and friends – closure.  Whether it’s long term personal relationships that have suddenly come to an end, unexpected lay offs or a longing for something different it’s seems as though change is in the air.  There is, however, in times of closure and change, often a lot of fear that comes bubbling up to the surface.  Closure can sometimes mean venturing into the unknown and the unknown can be scary.  One way to make it’s not so scary is to always have a PLAN B.

    I had lunch with a client today who was laid off from her job on Monday.  A lot of people in her situation would have gone home, got into bed and stayed there in a state of ‘poor-me’, ‘how could this happen’ -but not her.  Today is Thursday and as I stood in her new office, at the new corporation she’s now working for, looking out of her 360 degree views of the downtown core – I couldn’t help but get excited.  

    A lot of clients have trouble formulating a Plan B because they feel like it’s copping out on their Plan A. What I often say to them is “no one expects their house to burn down, but, we buy insurance, just in case”. Formulating a Plan B is like buying insurance for your house.  It gives you the piece of mind to work your Plan A for the simple fact that you know you have a solid back up plan, should any unexpected hiccups get in your way.

    Closure is an opportunity.  An opportunity to deploy your Plan B.  The moment you get laid off is not the moment to start formulating a Plan B.  Today, sit down and start to map out a Plan B, just in case.  That way, closure will never be a bad thing.

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