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  • Collaboration is Key to Building Business Today

    Posted on by Heather


    The time has come where the egoic rise of industry must take a sharp left hand turn in order to maintain a pattern of growth. Those who try to hang on to the old paradigms, the old way of doing things, the way we’ve always done it – they will die. Earlier this week I was at a networking event with a panel discussion about social media – how to use, when to use etc. The interesting thing about social media is that it is spearheading the collaborative model of what will be the future of business. It’s time for businesses to take a long hard look at their approach in the market and think about how, when and with whom, collaboration would be good for business.  


    At a recent workshop, I heard a speaker addressing an audience of baby boomers talking to them about Gen Y in the workplace. She was talking about their needs: to be communicated with, shown how and why to do things, to be educated, trained and developed, oh, and by the way, the average stint for Gen Y in the workplace – 3 years.  She then went on to address the elephant in the room, as every ‘old school’ boomer was thinking to themselves, ‘spoiled brats’, ‘why should I invest time and money in training and developing someone who isn’t even going to stick around for long enough to put that money to work and provide an ROI for my investment in them?’  Her argument was gold.  She said that what we are doing, collectively, as business is building a pool of talent that will be the most educated, sophisticated, and dynamic in the history of labour forces. Her point was that we will all benefit throughout the cycle of a gen yer’s time in the workforce, IF, we adopt this idea of collaboration and learn to appreciate and welcome the opportunity to share.

    Isn’t it interesting that we are all the way back to the kindergarten sandbox where we must all learn to share, work together and get along in order for us to continue to build the castles of our dreams.  Collaboration is the key to our success in the future – are you on board?

    All the best,


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