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  • Contrast gives you clues

    Posted on by Heather

    As business owners, entrepreneurs, and service providers it’s crucial that we give contemplation to whom we are best suited to serve. Without clarity on this, what many would call your ideal client profile, we leak energy by missing the mark, whether it be ever so slightly or all together. We spend time convincing people of our perspective rather than sharing it freely with those whom it most deeply resonates with. This can lead to self-doubt and fatigue.

    But sometimes it’s easier to articulate what you don’t want, vs. clearly identifying what you do want. It can be easier to spot someone who doesn’t fit, so use that as a leverage point. A place where you do have clarity and then pivot from there. Here’s what I mean…

    They’re so skeptical and I feel like I spend all my time convincing them rather than working with them…

    I hear this a lot from colleagues, friends and clients and I myself have experienced the above thought. But despite how it looks, it’s actually a nugget of gold.

    Take skeptical to begin with. There’s 2 approaches (and probably many more) that I see right away:

    The first is, you want to work with the opposite of skeptical. So maybe you’re looking for clients that are open, trusting, bold, brave, confident, willing, exploratory, inquisitive, curious.

    The second is, what makes someone skeptical in the first place? And what could you do to honour their skepticism? Maybe they need more information, a place to do their own research, gather facts and evidence, a place to delve in more deeply before they’re wiling to release their skepticism. Perhaps you could change your process, or approach in order to give someone who’s initially skeptical an opportunity to explore, research and analyze in their own way before working directly with you?

    Contrast gives us an incredible amount of information. It gives us clues. It’s guidance.

    Where can you use the contrast in your business and life to give you clues about the direction in which to go?

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