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  • Courage is not Fearlessness

    Posted on by Heather

    I’ve been watching Shania Twain’s “Why Not” documentary  on OWN, that follows her as she works through her fears and attempts to regain her voice. It’s been a fascinating show and I commend her in so many ways for not only being brave within her own life but also for being willing to share this story with all of us – the ultimate connection and learning experience.

    She forms a strong bond with Dr. Livingston, a Psycho-therapist specializing in grief counselling (I balled when I heard his personal story) who counsels her a few times on the show. It is him who says something to the effect that courage is not fearlessness, but instead it’s moving forward, taking actions, EVEN when you’re scared. This comment resonated with me on so many levels.

    As many of you know I recently did a video series with my pal Natalie Sisson (The Suitcase Entrepreneur) called the Fearless Factor – and although the messages are totally in line with Livingston’s point – we did after all use the word Fearless. And I think on some level we all wish and hope for the day where fear won’t be present in our life – but yet on another level we know it simply will be part of the journey, if we’re living a life of conscious development.

    Emotions/ feelings are not something we have a tremendous amount of control over. Sure it would be nice to think we did, but really, why is it so important to be in control? After all, our feelings are not WHO we are – they are simply an expression of energy that our system releases based on it’s reaction to real and sometimes only perceived circumstances. Isn’t it more powerful to simply notice them, accept them, embrace them, welcome them, and ultimately learn from them…? I hope so, because that’s the route I’ve chosen.

    Have you moved forward in your life, even when you’ve been afraid? I bet you have!

    And although I too have linked arms with my fear and moved forward in my life many times, it’s been the observation of 2 other amazing individuals that are the true inspiration for my moments of courage.

    My Step-Dad Alvin – dying in his hospital bed, he continued to pursue his passion of shopping, albeit online, and his gifts arrived via fedex long after his passing. In fact on Christmas Eve almost a year after his death, my Mum received a package in the mail – it was a camera, a gift from Alvin that he had bought for her – he had kept moving EVEN though he was scared – he had displayed the ultimate act of courage (and love and compassion – I might add).

    My Mum – facing life as the widowed mother of 4, alone, she sold her dream home, moved her entire life from one city to another, started back to work full time, made new friends, did life differently – she kept moving EVEN though she was scared – she had courage.

    I’m sure we all know someone or have ourselves faced circumstances that would scare the bejesus out of the toughest of men (whether or not they freely expressed their emotions). And what I was reminded when I watched Shania’s documentary was that every human experiences the feeling of fear. It’s ok to be scared. We’re all scared. But by MOVING forward EVEN when we’re scared we are courageous and it is our courage that ultimately inspires others.

    Thank you Shania, thank you Alvin, thank you Mum and thank you all of YOU, my readers. May you all feel the unconditional love and support of the human journey as you experience your fears, and move forward EVEN when you’re scared.


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