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  • Crowd Control

    Posted on by Heather

    Last night as I arrived at BC Place to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps take on the Los Angeles Galaxy I was shocked to find a sea of people outside the venue. The largest gathering of soccer fans in Vancouver since 1983 with well over 48,000 in attendance was clearly more than BC Place staff were prepared to facilitate.

    At 7:30 with the game in full swing inside BC Place I, amongst about 5,000 other anxious spectators, was still waiting in line to pick up my ticket from will call, let alone get into the building. What a nightmare. As people pushed and shoved jockeying for position I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I listened as people complained about the inefficiecy of BC Place and nodded to one another concurring with each other’s frustration. Comments like “and to think we’re hosting an Olympic Games” were rampent and frequent.

    All the while I couldn’t help but think about these peoples inabiltiy to take responsibility. Responsibility is the abilty to respond. What was stopping these people from being more prepared. It was no secret that a massive crowd was storming BC Place to catch a glimpse of David Beckham. I too was frustrated, but, how is this anyone else’s fault but my own. Here I was arriving to a soccer game 5 minutes before it was supposed to begin and expected to pick up my ticket from will call, get inside the venue, grab a beer and get to my seat amongts 48,000 other fans – hello. Clearly this was avoidable.

    Lessons learned to be applied to future similar situations:

    1) Obtain the hard copy of your ticket at least 4 hours prior to the event
    2) Take a cab or public transit to avoid the traffic jam pre and post game
    3) Arrive at the venue with at least 30 minutes to spare before the event is intended to begin
    3) Come with a smile, patience and a good attiude – no one’s going anywhere fast, so relax and enjoy!

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