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  • Don’t Assume

    Posted on by Heather

    I was meeting with a client last week who gave me permission to share this story as an important lesson to entrepreneurs/business owners about making assumptions.

    This gal is a successful health care practitioner who had been working with a new client for a couple of weeks. They had been doing the initial assessment work in order to come up with an appropriate treatment plan for the client. When my client sat down to present the treatment plan to her client she made a HUGE mistake. She assumed, based on what she had picked up on as information, that her client was not in a financial position to do as intensive a treatment plan as she would like to suggest. So instead, she said to her client “I understand that financially, it’s probably not feasible for you to come in 3x per week, but, I think we can get you to where you want to go with 1x per week and some homework for in between sessions”. To which her client replied “Money is no issue for me, in fact I was planning on brining my 4 kids in to see you because I love the way you work”.

    Woops!!! Be very careful in business and in life not to assume where people are at. Instead ask the right questions and be curious.  Luckily in this case, my client was able to ‘eat her words’ and didn’t lose the sale and her client is indeed bringing her 4 kids. But it’s a great lesson and reminder for us all – Don’t assume! Ask questions instead.

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