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  • Don't be afraid to Fire Staff

    Posted on by Heather

    When I’m working with business owners and operators in the hospitality sector one of the conversations I inevitably have with them is about their ability to let staff go. They are always worried about where they’ll find new staff, how they’ll find the time to train them, what if the new staff don’t work out etc. It comes down to the fact that it’s easier for them to just leave it the way it is as opposed to taking the necessary steps to make it better.

    The recent economic climate in the market has given many companies a ‘free ride’ on shedding dead weight (i.e. staff that should have been let go 3 years ago).  It’s been easy for them to mask the fact that the staff member has not been a fit in the company, hasn’t pulled their weight, has been underperforming etc. because they have an excuse they can use so as to avoid the uncomfortable conversation of a proper exit interview.

    This wouldn’t be such an issue for operators if they took the time in the early days to evaluate who their ideal candidate is for roles available in the company. Once they know who they’re looking for, it’s a lot easier to go and find them. And once you have a core group of ideal staff members on board, it’s not hard to find more just like them. (Ask them for referrals when you’re hiring new staff.)

    You’re staff are fundamental to the success of your business. Decide exactly who the ‘ideal’ person is to work in your company, go out and find them, train them well, keep them happy, use them as a resource to find more people just like them, oh yeah,and if they don’t fit – fire them. You’re doing yourself and them a huge favour, not to mention your customers.

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    1. Great article. I agree that most people are too afraid to let staff go. Also, I find that people in general have a hard time with healthy confrontation; and need to get mad before they will take an issue up with people. Good leadership requires on-going, healthy confrontation of issues AS they come up.

      I will check out some more of your articles.

    2. Patrick,

      Thanks for your comment and YES, I agree with your comments regarding healthy confrontation. Furthermore, I think that often there is such an emotional charge behind the sharing of information that comes from past experiences stored in our paradigms that we make confrontation WAY more than it is. When providing feedback and sharing information, clear your emotional energy first and the conversations will go much smoother.


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