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  • Are you leaking?

    Posted on by Heather

    When I see people pick unnecessary fights, it tells me something important about them:

    Their life is not big enough (they are not living their potential).

    As many of my readers know, I have another passion besides business (I know, it’s shocking) and that is quantum physics. I got interested in the concept in my early 20’s when I turned to hard core Personal Development as part of a quest to figure out why on earth I was on this planet, and how on earth (haha, no pun intended – that one’s for my brother Iain) I would be able to survive anything more than maybe 30 years here, when I was only 20 years old and already developing strong desires to check out of ‘human life’.

    I remember watching the movies “What the Bleep do We Know” and “The Secret”,  having quite a few Oprah “Aha Moments”, and simply put – wanting more. So, I’ve been reading, taking courses, being part of mastermind groups, attending tradeshows and workshops, studying, and all around just sponging whatever I could learn and apply to my life in this area for the last 9 years. So I feel confident in saying that I’ve observed a lot, both of my own behaviour, reactions and responses to my life, but, also of how others are behaving and responding to their lives.  And if I’ve learned one thing, I’ve learned that you can boil a lot down to energy. (Thank you quantum physics!!)

    For an example: picking unnecessary fights

    Why would someone pick an unnecessary fight?

    A simple answer: to gain energy.

    Think about it. Have you ever been in a fight? What’s going on inside your body when you’re in a fight? Are you calm? Relaxed? Breathing deeply? Thinking things through? Pondering? Plotting out your course of action? Or…

    Are you on edge? A little sick in the pit of your stomach? Mind racing? Sweating slightly? Nervous? Anxious? Angry? Shallow breathing? Edgy? Jumpy?

    I think we can all agree on the answer.

    But, I can hear you all asking…..who would want to be on edge? jumpy? feeling sick? nervous? sweaty? angry? etc. Well, no one – at least not consciously. Which tells me – people who consciously pick fights, are unconsciously leaking energy.

    Edgy, jumpy, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, nervous anxious etc. – all a result of energy being released in to your body. (It came in the form of hormones, likely, cortizol, adrenaline, and maybe testosterone). Why did this happen? Because your body thinks you’re getting in to a fight, remember? The unnecessary fight that you picked. (Not you! But those who pick unnecessary fights.) The problem with this, (needing energy, but, doing something like picking a fight to try and get energy – none of which you’re really aware of or paying attention to) is that you end up creating energy in all the wrong ways. A body full of cortizol and adrenaline is not a good thing, for a variety of medical reasons I’m really not qualified to talk about – but by all means, do some research.

    Here’s what I think it boils down to:

    People pick unnecessary fights to gain energy.

    They’re low on energy because they aren’t actually using their full potential of resources in an arena that really needs and wants their talents.

    Therefore they’re lacking true inspiration and passion in their life, which I would equate to running up the Grouse Grind (4000 ft vertical mountain climb) with 500lbs. cement bricks on your feet and wondering why it’s so hard to make it to top. (i.e. they are losing energy everyday.)

    The bottom line is:

    WE are responsible for our own life. If it’s too small, it’s up to US to make it bigger and align it with our true potential. If we don’t, we run the risk of leaking energy unconsciously, everyday. And if we do that, we run the risk of doing silly things, like picking unnecessary fights to try and get our energy back. Come on, let’s face it, no one really wants to get in fights. People just want to be alive and in order to be alive we need energy. If we’re losing energy – we try to get it back. I think we need to try and not lose it in the first place. So….

    I leave you with 1 question:

    Are you living your potential?

    Comments and questions always welcomed!!!

    All the best,


    7 Responses to Are you leaking?

    1. This is such a great explanation (Truth?). I’ve never thought of this way, but you’re so right.

      Our lives should be giving us that kick of energy, and if we find that it is now, we subconsciously begin searching for it. And thus the ego things, “Hmmm what is the EASIEST way for me to pick myself up a little bit, energy-wise?” and the answer is usually, sadly, a fight with a loved one.

      This is really something I needed to read today, so thank you…:)

    2. I’m so glad to hear that Malavika!! Thanks for your comment and ongoing support of this blog!!! Yay – it makes me so happy to know you’re reading and enjoying:)

    3. Thanks for this blog post, Heather. It’s so true. People who have “the least” going for them often seem to be the first to create conflict. Your explanation (as to why that may be) makes perfect sense. Would love to read more about how your study (and, I presume, belief) in Quantum Physics has affected your career, and led you to the success that you are.

    4. Guacira – thanks again for your comment! At first it used to really piss me off, when people would drum up drama and unnecessary fighting until I realized my own anger towards them was fueling something just as negative within my own body. After a lot of research, I got to this place – where I see these people with compassion. I think if they knew, and gave themselves permission to really LIVE the life they want – they wouldn’t have time for silly fights. I just want to continue to blaze a trail for people that says “come on……let’s get out there and live our dreams!!!!”

    5. i used to have this problem (mostly as teen), til maybe my mid 20s.. not fun, but i recently went to this workshop to get help with how to approach things in an “appropriate manner”, (yay for workshops), my behaviour has improved drastically, with a few minor exceptions still

    6. Hey Jay! Thanks so much for your comment!!! I hear you and hurray for workshops!!!

    7. yep, you’re welcome!

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