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  • Don’t Ignore Desire

    Posted on by Heather

    Desire, as defined by Wallace Wattles, is talent seeking expression and development. Found in Chaper 13 of The Science of Getting Rich Wattles hones in on the concept that desire is proof of our capabilities. In other words if we have a desire to do something we MUST also then possess the capabilities to accomplish whatever it may be. We are never to fear our desires. Instesad, recognize and pursue them!

    For me this message is very empowering. I have often had a desire to do something different only to think, or sometimes be told, that I couldn’t pursue it for a variety of different reasons. When I was younger I had a desire to pursue martial arts. When I began training, I remember thinking, “I’m so injury prone, I’ll get hurt too easily” and I wanted to drop out. Thankfully I didn’t, and the first 3 months of training was learning how to properly fall.  From then forward my  fear of injury was therefore conquered and in the end, after 5 years of rigorous daily practice I ended my career with a silver medal in the Sport Jujitsu World Championships – what a feeling!

    Don’t ignore your desires – Illuminate them! Don’t fear the hard work. It is always worth it in the end!

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