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  • Don’t Stop Growing

    Posted on by Heather

    I was at an event a few weeks back listening to an entrepreneur speak of her journey. She illuminated the fact that in her travels she discovered that she hated to write reports. (Thank god I’m not the only one!) Great noticing on her part! She went on to tell a great story of outsourcing in which she discovered a strategic alliance that she partners with when taking on projects that require report writing. (Her Strategic Alliance LOVES writing reports, so it’s a great fit.)

    However, I also noted that she went on to say that she no longer even takes on projects requiring report writing unless her strategic alliance is available. On the one hand, this is a good thing as she no longer takes on work that she doesn’t enjoy doing and/or has a solution for, but, on the other hand this also gives her power away for brining in new work and gives the power to her strategic alliance’s schedule and availability.

    Bear in mind, I don’t know this woman and I’m making a few large assumptions that may or may not be accurate – just to make this point.

    If you give away your ability to respond, you can no longer take 100% responsibility.

    In the case of this entrepreneur, she made a huge breakthrough when she identified and furthermore found a solution for the fact that she hated writing reports, but, she then stalled her growth by putting all her eggs in a single basket, with only one strategic alliance who may or may not be available when she needs them.

    My advice would be to scale the solution she has found (a strategic alliance who loves report writing) so that she never has to be at the mercy of someone else’s availability in order to bring in new work. (i.e. find more candidates who fit her needs for report writing.) Of course she can honour this first relationship and alliance by giving her existing strategic alliance the first right of refusal, but, by having back up report writing strategic alliances, she can continue to grow her business.


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