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  • Don’t worry. Be happy.

    Posted on by Heather

    Last summer my neighbour friend, 94 years young, had pain in her joints and someone suggested it might be gout. The horror, the fear, the anguish. “I sure hope not” she said. Later that week she phoned and left a message – yep, it was gout.

    The good news was, 3 days later with the proper meds, she was good as new.

    Today, we were having an afternoon chat. She’s got pain in a bunch of her joints.

    “Who knows?” she says.

    “Maybe you’ve got gout again?” I suggest.

    “I sure hope that’s what it is” she says.

    We like the known. The predictable.

    It’s less scary. Less intimidating.

    But what I keep being reminded: we never know. Surrender. Let it be. And above all…

    Don’t worry, be happy. – Meher Baba 

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