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  • Dreams, Gangs, Crack, Love, Nurture, Acceptance

    Posted on by Heather

    A couple of years ago I became fascinated with Carl Jung and his view of how dreams are a window to our unconscious or sub-conscious. I loved the idea that my subconscious used my dreams to communicate important messages and get my attention in areas where I was half asleep. (Kinda cool how you use your sleep to tell yourself that you’re not fully awake in your daily life.) I also appreciated Jung’s position in that we all have the ability to interpret our own dreams, that whatever we make of the messages is right for us. No need to look outside but instead an inner conversation is all that’s required.

    Because I am a writer that is the modality I use to interpret my dreams. I write to my ‘higher self’ or ‘spirit guides’ and ask what the messages are in the dream. To say that I have had profound insights and wisdom would be an enormous understatement.

    Recently, however I have started using a new technique that I heard of through a friend where you take on the ‘persona’ or energy of every aspect of your dream and write from that perspective. It is absolutely amazing and has really opened my eyes to see and understand judgements, and assumptions I make – even without realizing it.

    For example, I recently had quite a terrifying dream in which someone that I care deeply about had gotten involved in a gang and they were heavily involved in selling and doing crack.

    In the morning I followed my usual protocol of writing out the details of the dream and then doing the ‘persona’ exercise, taking on the role of each area of the dream. Check this out….

    The Gang – I am the love, unity and support that many people have never experienced. I want to protect and support my tribe and allow them to feel and experience their true power. Many people blame me for the shortcomings of those who chose to partner with me, however, in my purest form I am simply love. I strive to have all who are in me feel and sense that they are loved and protected.

    Crack – I am a substance that people use to escape the pain of their life. I am often blamed for the demise of people who choose to use and/or abuse me, when the real trauma of their pain and suffering has nothing to do with me. I get the blame, when there is always much more to the story. The cause of the pain is far more important and needs to be looked at more carefully than people’s use of me as a cure for their pain. I relieve people of their suffering, take away their pain and comfort them when they are scared and sad. Why punish me for my good intentions?

    I realized after doing this exercise how much I have judged both gangs and drugs for stealing the lives of people and denying them of reaching their full potential. What a face slap to see that in spite of the righteousness in my judgement there was a pure intention in both of these areas. It really got me to thinking. Gangs, crack – they’re both symptoms of a much deeper cause. The cause of human pain that creates a desire to escape. To run away and hide from feelings and emotions that are overwhelming and difficult to process. It got me thinking about the ‘War on Drugs’ or the ‘Just Say No’ campaign that I grew up hearing. ‘This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.’ I think we’re missing the point.

    If gangs are manifested to provide safety, love, unity, support and protection and drugs are manifested to relieve pain and suffering – we need to look to the deeper issues that require these solutions.

    If you’re anything like me, this can seem like an overwhelming issue and societal shortcoming and you may be asking yourself ‘what can I, as little me, do to help solve this problem?’. But the truth is you can do something. These traumas happen early on in life – these are little boys and girls we’re talking about. Whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, cousin, volunteer, teacher – if you have a chance to reach out and take some extra time to be there for a child – do it. Let them know that you care about them. That they deserve to be loved, kept safe, protected and heard. Believe in them. Believe what they say. Don’t break their trust. Intend to accept them, to love them, to protect them, to nurture them, to guide them.

    We can all make a difference.

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