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  • Expect The Best

    Posted on by Heather

    “It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.”– Somerset Maugham

    I love this quote and it’s so true.  Sometimes we get caught up in the “worry” game which unfortunately is nothing more than a bad habit.  We’ve usually been exposed to worry by someone in our life and picked up the habit without even realizing it.  Worry is really just wasted energy.  Can you imagine if you used the time you spent worrying to brainstorm or creatively think of different ways of doing things?  For example, a lot of people worry about their financial situation.  I don’t think the media really helps.  Recently, much to my chagrin, I caught a couple of minutes of the evening news, and though I wasn’t surprised, I almost couldn’t help but get caught up in the worrisome messages they were passing out.  It was just after Christmas and the “story” was basically covering how much money Canadians spend today versus 30 years ago.  Well, duh, no kidding.  There is more to buy, we earn more money today, in many families there is a double income, and quite frankly wouldn’t you say things have changed a bit over the past 30 years???  The funny thing is though, many people watch the News over dinner or while folding laundry etc. and therefore may not be engaged in critical thinking while viewing.  Subsequently the messages creep into our subconscious mind and before we know it we are caught in this worry game that sucks us dry of our creative energy and resources.

    Expecting the best in every situation can become a habit much in the same way as worry.  As you drive into the parking lot, expecting to find a spot right in front more often than not yields you exactly that.  I can say that with confidence because after a few years as a sales rep on the road I caught wind of this positive expectation idea and started applying it. I went from frantically swearing and banging my steering wheel when I couldn’t find a spot and saying things like “I knew there wouldn’t be a spot down here” to the expectation that there would always be a spot right when I needed it.  Let’s put it this way, for the last year of my sales rep life my territory was downtown Vancouver and I didn’t own an umbrella, nor did I ever find the need for one.  Why, you ask?  Because I always found a parking spot right in front of where I needed to be and I am honestly not exaggerating.

    I challenge all of you – expect the best, always in every situation.  Make a habit out of it.  What’s it going to hurt?

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