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  • Failure – Inevitable

    Posted on by Heather

    If I had a quarter for everytime someone told me that they don’t like doing things they aren’t naturally good at, well, you know the rest. There is no doubt in my mind that each of us is blessed with our own uniqueness and that we will naturally be drawn to specific areas, but, that doesn’t mean that things come easily. Consider people that are at the top of their game, be it in sport, business, art, dance etc. Did they start, day 1, at the top? Of course not, they started at the bottom, but, the difference is they didn’t quit on day 1 when they realized it wasn’t going to be a cynch.

    Failure is inevitable on the journey to success. The differences between those who rise to the top and those who pack it in on day 1 are many. Ask yourself this: when I’m faced with an uphill climb full of adversity, struggle and impending failure do I turn back or rise to the top?

    Perserverance, a positive attitude, a winner’s image, faith and will power – all qualities you must master if you plan to break down the barriers and climb to the top. Is your goal or your dream worth all the hard work? If the answer is no, then you have the wrong goal or the wrong dream. Those who make it to the top are determined. They will stop at nothing because they would rather die than give up on their dream or goal. The daily grind on the journey as they rise to the peak of their respective mountains is all worth it once they get there and look around.

    Will I see you at the top?

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    1. I totally agree with you, Heather.

      When I was young, and first learned how to cook, my aunt always wanted to “kick” me out of the kitchen! I had no clue as how the kitchen works! I was upset, and told her that I will be a Chef one day, and she will have to learn how to cook from me!
      Fifteen years later, I had a chance to do that when I came back to visit my relatives! Being an Asian woman, entering a trade which is dominated by men, the uphill that I went through was tough and imposible to clim, according to lots of people. It took lots of guts, hard work, and sweats over the years to get to where I’m now.
      And I think that I deserve to meet you at the top.

    2. Heather
      I have enjoyed your “coaching thoughts”. Anyone that wants to be successful in life needs to give many of these ideas some thought. You write with purpose and clarity – keep up the good work.

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