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  • Fearless Factor: A Video Series

    Posted on by Heather

    Fear, in my experience, is a given when it comes to our desire to live our best life and grow and evolve to reach our highest potential. And fear is such an interesting topic of conversation, that I’ve teamed up with my pal, Natalie Sisson – The Suitcase Entrepreneur – to address this topic of fear, within the context of being an entrepreneur, in a video series called: Fearless Factor.

    Natalie and I have had many conversations about FEAR, what it is, why and when it holds us back, how to overcome, outgrow, evolve past it, and we were enjoying our conversations so much  – we decided, to share our thoughts in the hopes they will be of service to anyone else who’s working towards living their dreams.

    In my experience FEAR has been a gift. It’s an emotion, a feeling that requires that I become present, in the moment, in order to not be swallowed up and/or paralyzed by it. It visits me all the time, everyday I’d say. And it’s no longer something that I resist. I welcome fear like I welcome my morning americano. I understand and accept that I don’t need FEAR to go away, but instead I need to get to KNOW it. I believe my fear comes forward as a way to deliver important information. It provides me with feedback that I am indeed stepping in to the unknown and walking in the direction of the mystery of life. It confirms that I am growing, expanding and evolving. This is what I signed up for. And I bet it’s what you signed up for too!

    So join us. Ask your specific questions about fear. How is it showing up in your life? What would you like to know, confirm or explore as it pertains to your fear?

    Leave a comment below, send me an email (if you want to remain anonymous – no problem!) give me a shout, tweet me.

    I want you to live the life of your ultimate dream. To expand beyond what you think is possible in to the highest potential and expression of who you are. To do so, I know you will meet your fear. But it’s nothing to be afraid of.

    Here’s the first video in the series – come along for the ride.

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