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  • Forgiveness

    Posted on by Heather

    A few years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Kim Phuc speak to a packed house of over 500 people. Kim Phuc was made famous at the tender age of 9 when the disturbing image of the little girl, captured immediately following her Vietnam village being napalmed, was sent around the world. The image, eventually capturing a Pulitzer Prize, was one that would change the face of war forever.

    Listening to Kim speak about the day of the napalm, the burning of her skin, the 14 months she spent in hospital and the 17 surgeries to repair her badly burned skin was stomach churning.

    But, in the end, Kim’s message is one of forgiveness. She uses a cup of coffee to describe her heart, once full of darkness and anger. She speaks of her long journey to forgiveness as time she used to pour out the dark coffee from her heart. Once gone, the dark coffee (feelings of anger, despair and blame) was replaced with clear, refreshing water. Kim’s heart is now full of peace, hope, happiness, love and joy.

    Kim’s story was extrodinary and her message was clear. Forgiveness is necessary in order to be free of the dark coffee in our hearts. First, we must pour it out. Then, we are ready to accept all the good that life has to offer us.

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    1. I have seen Kim speak on two occasions and just love the calm that seems to enveloppe her. The fact that she just tells her story and leaves us to adapt it to where ever we are in our journey is a true testament to her inner peace. There is no comparing her story to that of others nor asking us to realise how lucky we are not to have had an experience such as hers. She talks about the blessings in her life and from that I know that I should be focussing on the blessings in my life, not all the stuff that I can’t control. Thanks for encouraging us to have a more positive outlook on life Heather, keep up the great writing!

    2. Alysa Ferguson says:

      This sounds like it would have been a wonderful day! So true about forgivness and how we need to release our anger to allow other opportunities to enter our life that could be right in front of us!!!
      Nice blog Heather, love the positive outlooks!!

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