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  • Get Started

    Posted on by Heather

    “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Chinese Proverb

    Whatever it is you’ve been putting off, start today. It’s amazing how much of the work is done once we actually get started. Don’t wait to make some changes in your daily habitual routines – do it now. All the energy you’re putting into thinking of reasons that you’ll put it off until tomorrow, next week or next month, use it to get going today. Once you’re on the road the journey doesn’t seem as long or as daunting.

    Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assasin. Take the first step and get started!

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    1. Hanh Nguyen says:

      You are right, Heather. If you have to do something, start it now. The first step it always difficult to make, once you made that first step, the rest is history. Enjoy the journey!

    2. Though most people think of me as a software developer and serial entrepreneur, what I really am at my professional core is an inventor and an engineer. For the past many years I’ve expressed my inventive nature mostly through the development of computer software.

      Being in the I.T. business as long as I have, two very opposite phenomenon have occurred:

      #1 – An endless stream of people tell me about their killer ideas for software apps. Yet less than 1% of them ever do anything about it.

      #2 – A surefire way to never get started is to throw your ideas at too many people. For more often than not, they’ll shoot those ideas down, often with very little knowledge. Common off-the-cuff phrases include: “It’s been done before” (maybe so but often not well), “No one will ever buy that” (and you know this because ???), “Only big companies with huge budgets can build successful products” (very little innovation in non-game software comes from big companies).

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