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  • Honouring the Night Queen

    Posted on by Heather

    The other night, after what seemed like the longest day of my life, I was driving home thinking about how excited I was to crawl in to bed and drift off into mindless, blissful rest. However, that was not part of my divine plan….there was another stop plotted on the course of this day.

    Before I tell you about what happened, I have to tell you about Maria. Maria Logan is my neighbour and beautiful friend. When we meet in the hall or elevator or on the street for that matter, we greet in the traditional Swiss manor – 3 kisses, left cheek first. Maria is by far one of the highlights of my life. Today she is 94 years old. And if that number sparks any kind of paradigm generated picture in  your mind – scrap it immediately. This woman is a sign of the divine, absolute proof that life force energy is real and true. At 94 she still holds a full schedule. She’s a regular at the Arts Club and VSO (in fact she recently made 2 huge contributions of which she is still being honoured for), a long time member of the Vancouver Swiss Choir, and last year was awarded Canada’s Citizen Award for her efforts in welcoming over 10, 000 new Canadian Citizens over the past 50 years – and she hasn’t quit – she’s still up by 5am every 2nd Friday and heads down to Citizens Court to fulfill her volunteer role. She was the first female Steward to ever be hired by BC Ferries and a Sun Runner right until her 80th birthday – she is by far and away the most inspirational woman I have ever met.

    Ok, so back to the other night…

    I get home and CB says, Maria is waiting for us, we’ve got to go over there. Now? I said – it’s 11pm. It’s too late. No, she said she’d be waiting up for you.

    So across the hall we went.

    And there she was, as cute as ever. Of course I was anxious to find out what the heck was going on – was she ok?

    She was exstatic.

    Her night queen was blooming.

    WTF? (Don’t worry, that’s what I thought too!)

    It was her Epiphyllium – a member of the Cactus family – a popular house plant – and it was blooming. But as she explained to me – it only blooms at night and she went on to say “we have to give it the pleasure to know that someone is watching this”.

    So we watched. We drank gin and tonic, we chatted about her life and we watched this amazing plant bloom.

    Nature is so incredible – it takes your breath away, while at the same time filling your soul with wonder as you stand in awe of it’s divinity. I am so grateful to Maria for so many reasons, and now I add another to the list. She’s taught me so much and this particular night she taught me how to honour and celebrate the night queen. She showed me how to sink in to a moment in life and embrace all it’s beauty.

    What could I ever say to this incredible woman….other than…

    “I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.”  ~ Unknown

    7 Responses to Honouring the Night Queen

    1. Andrea Butt says:

      Love your story and message of this article… just beautiful. You’re both inspirations…thanks for sharing! x

    2. Andrea – thank you for your comment. xo

    3. Melanie Rupp says:

      Loved this story about Maria Logan, Heather! I’ve known Maria through the Swiss community for more than 40 years. Her enthusiasm for life and generosity to others is legendary. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to be her neighbour!

    4. Melanie – it is an absolute pleasure and honour and I pinch myself just to make sure that spending time with her isn’t a fairytale. You’ll have to join us for a G&T one day:) Thanks for your comment.

    5. This made me cry tears of joy. I have heard you speak of Maria many times and just the thought of her makes me grin.

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful story Heath! I am just catching up on your recent blogs 🙂

    6. Awe – thanks Scoobies. Yes, Maria is an angel who lives right across the hall. I’m so blessed! You’ll have to come hang with us – her stories are epic. Last night we talked shipwrecks until late…so, so, so cool!

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