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  • Human Being not Human Doing

    Posted on by Heather

    This time of year is always very interesting to me.  The challenge I have, however, is in the enormous lists of things that are being ‘done’ as a result of the holidays.  (Gift buying, card mailing, party attending, traveling etc.)  What pains me is how many people seem to be absolutely miserable while they ‘tick’ all the things off their lists.  The lines are long and people are impatient.  The latest gift that every child just has to have is sold out.  The parking lots are packed and to boot, we’re actually having winter weather right now!

    My challenge to you over the next two weeks is be a human being not a human doing.  If you don’t get all the things miraculously checked off your list, but, you are a kind, patient and warm human being throughout the holidays – you will feel amazing.  Come January, when the pace slightly slows, go back to the things you didn’t get to and with the energy you saved by not getting sucked into the vortex of holiday stress, you’ll bang them off in no time.

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