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  • It All Starts With How You Think

    Posted on by Heather

    A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with the director of a large west coast based sales team. We were chatting about the overall performance of the team, what the major competitors were up to in terms of activity and how they were (as an organization) approaching the market in lieu of the recent economic downturn. It was sad to hear all the doom and gloom in her voice as she plugged in the ‘tape recorded’ message that she’d obviously been sharing with her team, her colleagues and her customers. She used a lot of jargon and I must say that by the end of it – I was almost sucked in to the vortex of the way she was thinking and viewing her world. Customers don’t have access to financing, the competitor is being shady with their business practices and she has a team of 20% “Gretzkys” and 80% mediocrity. And to make matters worse she doesn’t believe that it’s possible for her to build and have a team of all Gretzkys. In fact, when I suggested that not only was this possible, but that I’d be happy to help make it a reality – there was total resistance on her part.


    If you don’t believe that something is possible, you will never see the opportunity, take responsibility and make it a reality. If you tell yourself (and worse yet, your team) that it’s not possible – it won’t be. Your beliefs are self-fulfilling. And how shitty would it be if this kind of thinking was on the part of your leadership?

    At the end of the conversation I was incredibly happy about the fact that I know, understand and believe that the way I think will continue to shape my vision, my action and my reality. I refuse to make excuses, continue to ask myself how I CAN and look for opportunities to get what I want.

    It all starts with how you think!

    Have a great day,


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