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  • It takes courage to come from the heart

    Posted on by Heather

    As I began to practice meditation nothing shocked me more than how clearly I could hear the voice of my soul. (intuition, heart). It was profound and beautiful, an experience mostly beyond words. But it was also one of the most intimidating and scary times in my life. There I was broken wide open, sitting in the openness, experiencing how it all was in a way that I hadn’t before, and receiving guidance from the wisest part of my essence about the next steps in my life. But those next steps, bubbling up from my spiritual heart were steps that I was not prepared to take…

    Not without a lot of courage.

    What sometimes isn’t mentioned in the all the flowing energetic dialogue about the benefits of meditation and cultivating a connection with your spiritual heart, is how difficult it will be to begin to act from that place.

    Einstein said, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

    The results of our life are a reflection of our thinking. And depending on the level of awareness, or consciousness we had when we activated our thinking faculty (our mind) will depend on the level of consciousness in our consensual reality.

    So what happens when you begin a practice of meditation (or use any other method that raises your awareness/consciousness) is there will be areas/things/people/circumstances in your life that will no longer be in energetic resonance with you. Why? Because you created them with your old thinking.

    Here’s where the courage come in…

    Examining the root of the word courage we can look to Latin cor = heart, or French, coer = heart and I don’t think this is any coincidence. As you increase your awareness and connect more deeply to your spiritual heart centre you simply will BE different. And this will call for you to move forward in a direction that you’ve not gone in before. Courage, doesn’t mean fearless. For me, it means acting even though I’m afraid, while having faith that my heart knows the way.


    2 Responses to It takes courage to come from the heart

    1. Wow! This is amazing! Thank you for this post! This explains a lot! xox

    2. Janice Martin says:

      well said….practice, practice and then practice some more….it’s as different, as everyone that practices meditation

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