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  • It’s inside your heart that you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

    Posted on by Heather

    There seems to be a dominant feeling in life, certainly in this culture – striving. It’s like the opposite of content. And by content, I mean like how a baby is, right after their bath & bottle (burp!), all tucked inside their warm fleece onsie, laying on their back, pulling at their toes with their little fingers, while your hand rubs softly on their tummy.

    As adults I don’t think we connect with that state of contentment very often, and when we do, we certainly don’t stay there long. It’s a true state of being. It’s the feeling when you first wake up, before that initial thought enters your mind. The moment when you first sink in to a bath, before the thought. That moment when you embrace in a genuine heart to heart hug, before the thought…

    That moment, before the thought….how often do you sink in to that space? How long do you stay?

    Life is really not about the outside world. We’re so conditioned, to look outside for the answer(s) to the question – who am I? The ironic thing is that the whole time we “know” who we are. Because we simply ARE. Beyond all the words that we ‘think’ ‘should’ come after “I am” there is a presence, an awareness, an essence.

    Our need to constantly define in a tangible and finite way – who we are – is one of the greatest wastes of our energy. We will never be defined – we are infinite beyond definition, beyond words. We are – that’s it.

    The goal is not in acquisition or achievement. The goal is maintaining a state of internal vibration. But we’ve been duped. We’ve got ourselves convinced that we ‘know’ based on what we ‘think’ we ‘need’ to be happy, in other words maintain a positive vibe. But it’s this belief that is like heroine, putting our souls to sleep and waking our egoic mind. We’re convinced that we’re pursuing happiness, but in our pursuit what we’ve actually done is created a life – a state of vibration – that can never be happy. Because quite simply, we’re ‘looking’ for it in the wrong place. Happiness lives inside. It comes from the awareness of who we are.

    It’s time to journey within. It’s inside your heart that you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

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