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  • It’s you in the way (or in my case, it’s me)

    Posted on by Heather

    A feeling of being overwhelmed is your indicator

    that you are denying yourself access to all manner

    of cooperation that could assist you if you were not disallowing them. – Abraham

    It’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow. The idea that you block yourself from receiving the richness and abundance that simply is life. That it’s you that blocks the support you need. That it’s you that manifests every moment of your reality. (Or at least your perception of it.)

    Recently my business exploded in a very unexpected way. This was not part of the non-existent strategic plan. Maybe that’s why when the work started pouring in, I was unprepared. Not unprepared to do the work, but unprepared to feel what it felt like to experience abundance at this level.

    A healer warned me of a quantum leap coming my way, to which my insides responded with glee and delight. Who doesn’t want to experience an ever flowing river of opportunity?

    Turns out there’s a part of me that’s throwing down some major resistance to this new coffer that’s opened. But why?

    In the spirit of my self-love movement I’ve opted for the curious approach – to which answers are still pouring in. The first wave of insight… serving as a major cause for resistance is an apparent belief I’m holding near and dear: success (albeit financial) equals a lot of really hard work, late nights, taxed adrenal glands and most of all a NO FUN ZONE. Hmmm…this is interesting.

    Still in the throws of exploration, I’m not yet to the point of conclusions, conscious breakthroughs or some new powerful Psych-K statements, BUT I have made some pretty interesting observations.

    None more powerful than recognizing we are made up of multiple parts. And often times, though it doesn’t make a lot of rational sense (clue), these parts are vying for position. Their contradictory belief systems yield a level of confusion and frustration like no other. Isn’t this what I said I wanted? So what’s with the push back and negative attitude? 

    It seems to me, the belief that most needs to shift comes right to the surface, as it has in this case. And I can only imagine what results lie ahead free of this extremely limiting thought pattern. In the meantime, it’s lots of deep, mindful breathing, vigilance in showing up to meditation (no excuses of being too busy!) and writing, writing, writing. My practice needs to be on lock down during these turbulent times.

    What are your beliefs around success? Can you have your cake while relaxing on an inner tube, floating down the river of abundance?

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