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  • Jealousy = Inverted Desire

    Posted on by Heather

    I used to judge my jealousy. I’d look around at my friends, colleagues, clients, family etc. and  compare myself to them. Quickly following my comparison would come jealousy & right behind that would follow judgement. Judgement of myself and judgement of them. I’d be jealous of what I perceived them to have that I didn’t. I’d be angry and resentful once I’d formed the belief that I could or would never have whatever it was that they did. Then I’d judge myself for being such a sad state and living such a pathetic life.

    Then at some point things changed. I changed.

    I started a journey of soul retrieval and personal development to find myself. I studied, read, attended workshops, listened to hundreds of seminars on disc (thank you CB for all those trips back and forth to K-town listening to Bob, Tony, Jack, Rhonda, and many, many more….”I’m a magnet to money!” ha!). And although this journey will be life long, I am so grateful that my beliefs and perspective have changed so drastically. Now when I notice someone, or something, and I feel that old sensation of green, I stop, breathe and ask myself: Heather, do you want that? Sometimes my answer is no, but, more often than not, my answer is a resounding yes.

    Today, I think of jealousy as a gift. It’s an illumination in my consciousness of my sub-conscious desires. Desires I didn’t even know I had. And yet, because of that feeling, that at first is a pang of jealously, I get to SEE, right there in front of me, in 3D, what it is that my heart is desiring. This makes life much easier for me, since my biggest struggle has always been answering the question: what do I want? By using my reaction of jealousy as my guidance, I’m able to identify quickly what the answer to that question really is.

    Feelings are powerful modes of feedback. They allow for moments of profound awareness. They stop you in your tracks and at times make the process of moving forward absolutely impossible. That is until you turn, face them, walk towards them and ask….what are you trying to tell me?

    There’s messages in your mess and gifts in your guidance.

    If you’re anything like I used to be and you’re in the habit of judging your feelings….STOP. Your feelings are not here to hurt you – they are here to guide you, to steer you in the right direction of your destiny.

    Simply ask your feeling…what do you want me to know? See what the answer is…..I bet you’ll like it.

    4 Responses to Jealousy = Inverted Desire

    1. Fantastic article Heather!! This is so true too…because the thing of the thing is…so often jealousy does not come from a malicious place…it’s not that I want someone else NOT to have something it’s that I also want it for myself. And once I figure that part out…it’s only a matter of time before I put in the hard work to get it. Inspirational and thoughtful as always, Heather, a great read 🙂

    2. Thanks so much! Isn’t it nice to know that even those lower (on the energy scale) emotions have guidance and ultimately gifts as well. Good to know how to interpret the signs:)

    3. This was one of the points I truly heard and took from the sales academy and have begun to own and use as a guiding point for many things in my life. Thank you for bringing this to my attention at a time when I was ready to hear it. Good things do come with age by the way, honesty and an ability to analyze ourselves with new lenses as we shed old ones.

      Thanks for the great post!

    4. Thanks Stephanie!! And thanks for the note about wisdom – it’s always such a gift to share our stories, lessons and insights – I appreciate yours!!!

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