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  • Learning to receive

    Posted on by Heather

    The artist, who also happens to be a good friend, sends me a text asking if I’ll be home to receive something she’s sending over to me. Sure, I’ll be home I reply.

    I go downstairs to meet the courier. As he opens the back of the van and I see what’s inside, tears effortlessly stream down my face. I don’t try to stop them. “Yeah, she said you might do that”, he remarks.

    Back inside my apartment I sit in front of the painting. I’m still weeping.

    A non-stop stream of thoughts try to grab my attention, but none succeed.

    I pick up the phone and dial her number. She answers mid-belly laugh…”Did you get it?”.

    I can’t speak. So many habitual words are trying to escape my lips.

    “All I can say, is thank you.”

    She replies with – “that painting just belongs to you.”

    “Thank you” I manage once again.

    Later that night she messages me again. “The best part about giving that to you was that you never once said “are you sure?”.

    This receiving thing is new for me. It means not rejecting a gift with words like…
    You shouldn’t have.
    I can’t accept this.
    Are you sure?

    So I’m learning. I’m learning to receive in the same energy that is offered in the giving. In this case it was all love and gratitude.

    How are your receiving skills?

    The Swimmer by Zoe Pawlak

    7 Responses to Learning to receive

    1. OMG … this “Are you sure?” thing … I just said it the other day myself … it left a “yuk kinda aftertaste.” Beautiful painting, and a beautiful post!


    2. Janice Martin says:

      I believe that receiving is the ying to the giving yang….so good to open the heart and say….thank you

    3. Holy Mother Bear!!! I know that painting and LOVE LOVE that painting. It definately belongs with you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    4. Beautiful painting! Beautiful you!

      My biggest lesson in receiving was accepting my husband’s care. =)

    5. LOVELY post Heather! Something I have work on constantly. Will come back to the post often X

    6. Melissa Fowler says:

      Heather, she is so right, that painting was made for you. Also, thank you for continuing to teach me the graciousness in just saying thank you.

    7. Jillian Walker says:

      I was just googling ‘learning to receive’ and whatta you know… I find YOU special lady! And exactly what I was looking for… and ZOE.

      Amazing. xoxo

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