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  • Letters from the Light

    Posted on by Heather

    In May 2008, thanks to the incredible wisdom and courage of my greatest teacher, I was introduced to the idea that firstly, I had a group of spirit and angel guides, and secondly that I could write to them, and that they would write back.

    Now, I understand that to a certain group this kind of thing sounds very ‘woo woo’ and I can relate. There was a time when I too would have said – yeah, angels, whatever, I’ll have another cosmo – I KNOW that’ll spur on my creativity and make me feel good. But, at some point along my journey, my pain, my resistance, my knowing better, my pride, ceased to provide any peace, and so I surrendered, I gave in, I gave up doing it the way I was. I read Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides and the letters from the light began.

    Below are some excerpts from my writing; some letters from the light. I’ve chose to share these publicly for 2 reasons:

    • This practice has changed my life. I feel more peace, more love, more support, more guidance – and that is what I want for you too.
    • I relish in transparency. I embrace truth. I hate to hide.

    Don’t worry, if this doesn’t fit for you, I understand, I release you and I still love you. We all find our way home, and this has just been the road I’ve chosen to walk.

    If it does fit, if you’re curious, if you want to know more, email me, call me – nothing brings me more joy than to TALK and to share what I’ve learned and what I know. 🙂

    Heather, learning to trust yourself and your inner wisdom will allow you to generate answers to your questions. Listen to your intuition, notice the signs and clues all around you.

    Heather, don’t be afraid. You are ready to do what you know you really want to do. Accept what is happening for what it is; after all, you have to have ‘your story’ too, something for people to relate to, something for them to hold on to. If you never lived it, you wouldn’t know how to help. You have insulated yourself with the support network to get you through this. Let them help you. Stop trying to do it all o your own. Surrender to the love people have for you – let them love you, stop pushing away what is already yours. Accept it. Allow it to propel you forward.

    Our dearest Heather, we love you unconditionally and want to support and guide you. Breathe. What you’re doing with meditation is perfect for you – it will help to keep you grounded and centred as we know you are working through challenges that are painful for you. Just know that by doing this important personal work you are making a huge impact on all the circumstances your presence affects. You are so loved, by so many people – open yourself to receiving that love and from there many more levels of abundance will follow. It was important for you to hear the messages you did, because you need to heal yourself. Thank you for trusting us and following our guidance. We are all around you, protecting you, guiding you and most importantly loving you.

    Heather, our most precious and beautiful child, you deserve more. You have made such a contribution and you are limiting your ability to access your gifts. The life you have is not the life you want. Focus on the questions, what do I want in my life, what makes me my happiest and most joyful? Take time each day to do your journalling. Stay truthful in your actions. Act as if you are important to yourself. Fill your body, mind and spirit with nurturing energy. Be conscious of your choices. Don’t judge yourself, but get to know yourself. What makes your heart sing? The hardest part is nearly over. The grief will dissipate as you move in to inspired action. You will feel so much joy as you begin to honour your authentic self.

    Start to gain clarity of the image of your ideal life. You deserve to have all that you desire – don’t fear asking for too much as it is already yours.

    You are a healer and in order to access your greatest gifts you must commit to healing yourself – always. People are drawn to you and your seemingly infinite wisdom so use this wisdom for yourself first. Unlock your gifts for self first -that will give you the unwavering confidence to guide others on their healing paths.

    You are such an amazing spirit and you bring such light, such hope, so much enthusiasm – you are like a magnet – just know this. Notice this. Who are the people who are most drawn to you? What are their personalities like? What are the matching pieces in you? There is a large shift coming Heather. Money, success,passion and happiness are already here – you are only required to open up and receive what is waiting for you.

    Heather – notice how much of your thinking is future oriented – you think about how hard it will be. This creates a feeling of prison for you and makes your emotional state rapidly decline. It’s as if you begin to starve your heart of light and love and this results in your feelings. You are right in that your feelings are triggered by your environment to provide you with clues. This is the only way to signal you to choose to raise your conscious attention. Your system is incredibly sensitive and that is to continue to guide you this lifetime to grow closer and closer to your spiritual self, while having a human experience. You are brave to accept this challenge. Just know you are capable and you are safe. You are totally and completely safe and loved. Breathing, meditation, water and proper rest will benefit you. You are on a journey so you are not to berate yourself so hard. Gentleness and kindness with curiosity will much better serve you. Love is always in you.


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