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  • Life Lessons Trump Circumstances

    Posted on by Heather

    We came to this lifetime with a beautifully laid out curriculum of study. I don’t mean academia or formal education. What I’m speaking of is: soul school. Not school for your soul, but schooling from your soul.

    Life Lessons.

    In the early days, before I’d made this discovery my m.o. was always pretty simple: RUN. Run from the crazy teacher, bullying boss, credit card debt, stressful job…whatever it was that wasn’t working for me, that became the reason I needed to go.


    Often times during my dine’n’dash routine I’d end up in the new ‘circumstances’ only to come face to face with the very thing I ran away from in the first place. WTF?

    The reason we bump in to the same lesson over and over is because once we ‘get it’ our life improves exponentially and we can get on with the BIGGER work we came here to do. In fact, the FEAR of facing the lesson in the first place is a mental construct that we’ve blown out in to great proportion, when in actuality is very minor.

    Sound familiar?

    Are you bumping in to the same thing over and over again, no matter how many times you change the circumstances?

    Stop running.

    Turn and face it.

    Walk right towards it.

    Pull back the curtain.

    Study the lesson until you ‘get it’.

    Burst the bubble.

    On the other side is the freedom you desire. The BIG life you’re wanting to live.

    And the good news: once you ‘get it’ – you never have to learn it again.

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