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  • Life Lessons: Truth Telling

    Posted on by Heather

    Truth trumps.

    When you tell the truth, you honour the purest most authentic part of yourself. And when you do that, divine miracles rain over your life. You see more clearly. Doors open more easily. Communication becomes more focussed. Actions become more obvious. Results are in alignment. Life is good.

    But telling the truth, though simple, is certainly not always easy.

    (It gets easier the more you do it)

    In my experience the first thing that I notice when I’m out of integrity (not telling the truth) is my feelings (my mood). I’ll wake up in the morning feeling a heaviness. My first defence: logic. I’ll think…”why do I feel like this…oh yeah, I went to be so late, I’m probably just tired…”. But it’s not a lack of sleep. Depending on how long it takes me to recognize that my feelings (state of vibration) are out of alignment because something I’m doing is out of integrity for me – the next step is always awareness.

    Suddenly in one flash across my mind, I’ll realize exactly what it is that’s out of whack. It will be obvious. Starring me right in the eyes, steady as can be, will be the truth, my truth.

    Once you know the truth, at least in my case, there’s usually one last piece of heavy lifting to do: tell the truth. It would be nice for my self-realizations and personal development to exist in a vacuum, but, let’s face it – life usually involves other people.

    A few things I’ve learned about telling others the truth:

    • Do it quickly. As soon as you realize/discover/remember the truth – pick up the phone, drive to their house, set up the meeting – whatever it takes – tell those who need to know….FAST.
    • Keep it short. Likely you’ve gone through hell as you’ve worked through your own discomfort, tried to figure out what was wrong, stumbled in to the truth and there’s likely a lot of ‘story’ involved. That story is for you, not them. They need and deserve to know the truth. Long winded, drawn out stories might make you feel better, but they’re not making it any easier on the person hearing the truth.
    • When you perceive that the conversation is going to be a difficult one for you you have, write it as a letter first. Call out through the ether, to their higher self. This is a time when you can go in to a long story telling explanation. Set the cosmos in motion for the moment when you’ll actually deliver the news. (The letter is not to replace you speaking with them, but instead to set the wheels in motion and give you a chance to gather your thoughts and energetically start the process.)
    • Give them time to process. Sometimes (in fact most times) you’ll find that the person you’re telling already knew or at least had an inkling that this was coming and will be totally fine with your truth telling. Sometimes though it will catch them off guard and they may react emotionally (depending on what kind of truth we’re talking about.) Give them space and let them work through this new information.

    I believe that what’s right for you is right for everyone. The universe, the planet, and all of us on it are all interconnected in an etheric web. Telling the truth and remaining authentic to your core, is the greatest offering you can make. It’s your part in the whole.

    There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. – Buddha

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