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  • Livin The Dream

    Posted on by Heather

    Natalie Sisson, the Mastermind behind The Suitcase Entrepreneur popped me a note on Twitter last night to find out how my start to 2011 had been. When I replied:

    2011 start has been ridiculously amazing. Life and ‘work’ are blending beautifully #livingthedream & #lovingthemoments

    she messaged me back to find out why and furthermore she asked for the top 3 things that have made this a #livingthedream year.

    I don’t think I need three, as in my mind there is one main reason, one major difference from 2010 and that is:


    For years I did my life alone. And even though I’m an incredibly social person I still lived mostly inside my head, convinced that if it was to be, then it was up to me. 2010 was a transformational year, in that I opened myself up to being supported by others. Looking back, it all happened serendipitously and it was staggered throughout the year, but, to begin 2011 surrounded and supported by the most amazing team is certainly the #1 reason I’m living the dream!

    My Team:

    Personal Coach – Willie Carter

    Willie was not a 2010 addition to the team as I’ve been working with her since 2007, however, it is because of Willie that any of the ‘team’ thing even happened. Willie, who I more commonly refer to as my ‘Psychic Surgeon’ has been the most incredible partner in my personal and professional development journeys. She has the most innate way to be curious and ask questions that are so pointed they drill instantly the the heart of the matter, while having this gentle and nurturing aura that would make even the most terrified of people feel safe. She is a guiding force in my life and I couldn’t nor do I want to, imagine life without her.

    Personal Assistant – Stephanie Lee

    Stephanie is an absolute dream come true! A dream that I actually didn’t think was possible, this time last year, and now a reality I would never live without. She is the most organized person I’ve ever met, she thinks even quicker than I do (and for those that know me, that’s no small feat). She knows exactly what I need before I even know I need it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her and we’ve never even met in person. She’s completely virtual and yet, I feel her by my side each and everyday!

    Personal Trainer – Hannah Fletcher

    Last spring I started working with my trainer Hannah when I wanted to get back in to the gym, recover from plaguing injuries and strengthen my body. Never in a million years did I expect to form the partnership and bond that I did. For many years I did fitness on my own. Even when I did lots of aerobics and group fitness, I still felt isolated. With Hannah that has all changed. I feel supported and in partnership with someone who wants the best for me in my physical fitness and in my life. She knows exactly how to bend (not break) me, when to push me harder, and when to let me off the hook. I look forward to seeing her even though I know she’s about to kick my ass. Her knowledge, and expertise combined with her authentic passion for fitness (and life) makes her a tremendous asset and partner. I know for sure, I wouldn’t have gotten here without her.

    Housekeeper – Nina

    Nina is an absolute godsend. My place is full of windows and the first time she was here (she’s maybe 5′ tall) she cleaned each and every window in this place. I have NO idea how she did it. I’m 5’9″ and I can’t even reach the top of some of these windows. I cannot even begin to describe the changes I’ve experienced in the way I feel, the activities I’m able to accomplish, the excitement I have to come home and/or just to hang out at home, now that I have Nina on board. I never would have predicted that making this kind of change in my life would have had the kind of impact that it did. In a word: incredible.

    Biz Partner – Chris Flett

    Chris Flett is also not a 2010 addition, but I just wouldn’t feel right without including him on this list. Chris is really the reason I have the means to employ the team I’ve listed above. Chris has taught me so much about business (and life) I would need a book to go in to it all. The common theme however in working with Chris has been mindset. Chris walks his talk so meticulously, that being in his presence over the past 3 years, I couldn’t help but follow his path. Because of Chris I have a thriving business, shares in a couple other thriving businesses, a cross-section of incredible clients, and opportunities out the wazoola. I’m excited everyday when I get out of bed, and look forward, with energetic anticipation, to what lies ahead.

    Life Partner – CB

    Absolutely NONE  of the above would be possible without the support I get from my incredible partner. Since that first day, 10 years ago, when I saw him, and later moved in with him (YES! It all happened on the same day!) he has been supporting and loving me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. 3 years ago, I’ll never forget walking out on the patio to announce that I was quitting my job and starting a business with a guy he’d never met. He looked over to me and said “Heather, it’s you, you’ll be good at whatever you choose, I’m behind you 100%”. OMG I LOVE him!

    Besides these key people I’ve formally listed above, I also have the most amazing friends and family – AND the most amazing network of tremendously talented, intelligent and inspiring colleagues. I’m blessed beyond belief and I truly feel as though I’m living out my fairytale dreams everyday! Here’s to an incredible 2011 and beyond!


    6 Responses to Livin The Dream

    1. Wow that is so fabulously amazing to hear indeed. Honoured that you sparked this post off our tweet and love the reasons you’re feeling grateful and also how grounded you are yet how high you’re flying!

      Love it.

    2. Thank you Natalie for sparking this post! And for walking the talk of ‘living the dream’. The Suitcase Entrepreneur is such a fantastic resource!!

    3. Wow Heather, you have got a dream team! I’m so happy for you.

    4. Can I be part of your team?… I will do ANYTHING to see you more often! Even work for FREEEEE xoxoxoxoxo

    5. Awe Jules – goes without saying, of course you’re on my team! xoxoxo

    6. Thanks Amanda! I really do. And I have so many amazing relationships in my life – it’s so amazing to be surrounded by so many people – you included!!

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